What to do if the shoes creak

What to do if the shoes creak

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Clean and tastefully picked shoes always were the important part of the look. But sometimes they can give such unexpected «gift» as a creak.

Everyone might face this problem. Therefore, you need to know what to do if the shoes creak.

What to do if the shoes creak during the walk

To begin with, you should figure out what the reason of this noise is. Creak appears due to the attrition of two surfaces. The source of this noise in the shoes can be the sole or the product’s elements (for example, tongue).

if you don’t have time for the repair or purchase of special remedies, then put the dusters, which are soaked in the warm water, in the shoes. Leave the shoes for the night and you will go out of house without a creak in the morning. But this method is uncomfortable and nondurable.

What to do if the shoes creak during the walk? Everything depends on the source of this noise. Let us consider the case when the sole creaks. This problem’s solution is same for all types of shoes. You need to remove the inner sole and glue it up again. If you’re not sure that you’ll make it, then address the workshop. Arch support can also be the source of creak but you hardly can change it by yourself.

This method is good only in case if the sole is the source of creak. If the things is in other elements of the product, then the approach of the problem’s solution depends on the material.

If leather shoes creak

Creak is rather unpleasant and sharp noise, so you need to do something quite quickly. In case if leather shoes creak, there are 2 ways to get rid of this problem.

First one – buy the special creams, by which you need to treat all the surface of shoes. Second one is cheaper. You will need fat or tallow. Elaborately rub every leather element and leave the product for a few hours. Don’t forget to wash the shoes after this procedure.

Why does the chamois shoes creak

Chamois is quite fastidious material. Methods to fight this problem can only be from the shop. No fat or tallow. No oils or wax. You will just irreparably ruin your shoes. The reason why the chamois shoes creak is the same as in case of any other type of shoes – irritation. If the noise is from the sole, then buy the special foam to treat the surface.

Rubber shoes creak

Rubber is less demanding material than leather or chamois. This means that you might need more radical methods. If the rubber shoes creak near the sole, then you need to treat the external seam by the oil varnish. But be careful and don’t overdo it.

As an option, you can grease the half-sole by warm sunflower oil.
However, use these methods only as a last resort. To begin with, try to reglue the inner sole and rub the shoes with fat.

If the new shoes creak

Buying the new shoes, always pay attention to every detail. Walk in it in the shop. If you’ve heard a creak before the purchase, then you should ask for another pair. But what to do if the new shoes creak a week after the purchase?

There is a law that protects the consumer rights. If you found out the defect (for example, creak) you have the right to exchange this pair for new one or to get 100% of money back.

ripped shoes has to be repaired for free if warranty period isn’t over.

Always ask if there is a warranty for shoes when you buy them. You shouldn’t panic in case of appearance of creak after a month or two. You can hand the shoes in for repair at the expense of the manufacturer until the warranty period is over.