What flowers to choose

What flowers to choose

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Many men and women are concerned about this question, because the bouquet isn’t just a gift, this is a courtesy. So it’s important to know what flowers to choose and to what event.
It’s not even to merely understand what the bouquet should be like. Many sellers of flowers shops use various tricks trying to sell the product, which is not fresh. We will tell about the main tricks and how to avoid them.

How to choose the flowers for event correctly

Many factors influence on the choice of bouquet. Firstly, this is the event itself (birthday, housewarming, jubilee etc.) Secondly, age and sex of the person, who is going to except the flowers from you. So let’s figure out how to choose flowers on the event and then what flowers exactly will do.

Bouquet practically always will be appropriate. This gift is good for a birthday, jubilee and anniversary. Avoid 101 roses though.

Of course, enormous and amazing bouquet will look spectacular, but it isn’t practically. Such a gift will inconvenience if the event is in the restaurant or café. Besides, far from every vase can contain big number of flowers. And the expensive bouquet will look ridiculous in three-liter jar. ☺ So the main advice – don’t overdo it with the size.

It’s not very practical to present too long flower (80 cm and more). Such flowers droop very quickly and this gift doesn’t look good, especially if the girl isn’t tall.

Speaking of decoration, stick to minimalism. Don’t let the wrapping and glitter be the center of attention, because the key object is the flowers.

Let’s talk about the events in details. Present bright and festive flowers on birthdays and weddings. Beautiful and festive bouquet will do on the jubilees and anniversaries, but avoid too bright colors if you’re going to give the bouquet to the seniors.
Take 1 flower or simple and small bouquet on the date. Pot flowers will do for housewarming.

What flowers to choose for men

Speaking of men’s bouquet, present the strict flowers: dianthus, callas and gladioluses. Don’t forget that soft and pastel colors are more fitting for women. So you should present the flowers of dark, intense color, such as blue or violet. Bouquet has to be laconic and to have a form of pyramid or triangle. Such gift will be appropriate on the anniversary or jubilee.

What flowers to choose for women

Everything is much simpler with the weaker sex. There are no so strict limitations as in case of men. Young girls are used to receive fresh and soft flowers and the adult ladies are used to receive elegant and pompous flowers. Despite the generally accepted rules, concern about the woman’s preferences before choosing flowers.

It is also very important to consider what the woman thinks about the color. For example, violet color is associated with separation and such bouquet will rather disappoint than present positive emotions.

How to choose good flowers

Unfortunately, the flowers aren’t eternal. After several days, they start to decay and the unfair sellers try to conceal the signs of «aging» and quickly sell the product not to lose the income.

  • First trick is tearing off the leaves or wrapping the sepal in the beautiful paper. The thing is that the fully blossomed out flower quickly decays and many people know it. That’s why the sellers use these tricks.
  • Second trick – they mix the fresh and blossom out flowers in big bouquets.
  • Third trick – they use glitter and big number of paper or crackle. This helps to cloak the bouquet’s disadvantages.

Thus, we make a conclusion about how to choose flowers. Avoid buying the flowers, where the petals don’t bear against the sepal. Don’t buy bouquets and flowers with glitter, gibbons and other decorations that hinder to value the quality.
Follow all above said advices and you will select the bouquet or flower of high quality.