How to wash the floor

How to wash the floor

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Deep cleaning if you present it right can pass from weekly homage to a family event.

Housel of the whole family from baby to adult to the cleaning won’t be routine if you explain how to wash the floor.

How to wash the floor correctly

Quick floor washing of high quality is a realistic objective even for kids. Your task is to understand and teach your family members how to wash the floor correctly.

  • Clear the room for the wet cleaning. Father puts the chairs on top, children collect the toys, you gather the small things, which are being on the floor.
  • Wet broom will not only help you to sweep the rubbish, but also will help you not to raise the dust, which is lying on the floor.
  • Start the cleaning with the farthest corner of the room, this will allow you not to walk the washed floor.
    Wring the duster out, extra moisture will harm the floor coating.
while buying the mop for the wet cleaning, look to the height of this tool – top of it must be at the level of your armpit.
  • While washing the floor, draw the imaginary eight, this will let you move the dirt from the baseboards to the center.
  • You will have to wash the baseboards without the mop. Carefully rub them with wet duster, remove the dust without touching the wallpapers.
  • Two-three rinses of duster in the bucket and you have to change the water. Or you risk to take the microbes and bacteria from one corner of the room to another.

It’s also important to wash the floor correctly considering the floor coating that you have.

How to wash the floor that is laminated

Don’t use wet and dry vacuum cleaner during the washing of laminated coating. If you cannot imagine the cleaning without this household appliance, then dry the floor right away for moisture not to get absorbed and not to harm the lower layers of laminated floor.
You will ask how to wash the floor that is laminated without wet and dry vacuum cleaner then. This coating is perfectly cleaned by dry vacuum cleaner or domestic mop with long fluff. Do the wet cleaning once a week at most.

  • Without using the extra chemicals, you can wash the laminated floor by wet duster that is soaked in vinegar solution. Dissolve the tablespoon of table vinegar in 5-liter bucket and elaborately rub the floor and don’t forget about baseboards and corners. You need to wring the duster out well.
  • If the laminated coating saddens you by its strong contamination, then you can do it without such chemicals as «Mister Muscle», «Trio-Bio», «K-Floor» etc., which contain the matters for laminated coating’s care.
dust particles, crumbs and trash that can scratch the laminated coating have to be removed straight away, don’t wait for the big cleaning.
  • Don’t rub the laminated floor unlike the parquet in order not to leave the scratches on it.
  • Laminated floor is a sensitive coating, so the duster to clean it must by soft, perfect option is the microfiber or old cotton clothing, however you need to cut off all the buttons and fasteners.
  • Remove the stains and strong contaminations using the chemicals and then elaborately rub them by wet duster.

How to wash the parquetted floor

Times when new occupants moved in the apartments with parquetted floor have run their course. Far from everyone can afford the parquet now but no one will regret having this floor coating in his house. Parquet’s care is quite hard though. Let’s unveil the secret how to wash the parquetted floor.

  • The main rule: parquet coating is washed only two-three times per year. Rest is just the wet cleaning.
  • When you removed the dust from the parquet by broom or vacuum cleaner, start to rub the parquet by wet duster or mop. The water should be cold or slightly warm and the duster needs to be soft.
  • No abrasive remedies.
  • Add a few tablespoons of glycerin in the water for parquet to shine. Or buy such special remedies as Aqua Sport Wood Flor Cleaner, Rubi, Glutoclean Pufas, Loba Parckett Care in the shop of household chemicals. Almost all of them softly remove the stains and don’t require the further washing-off.
you can use shampoo with neutral level of pH instead of parquet floor’s detergents.
  • After you washed the parquet, wait for it to dry and then rub it by parquet polish.
coffee, wine, blood stains on parquet are removed by sal-ammoniac and the marks of felt-pens and pencils are removed by white spirit.

How to wash the cork flooring

One of the best floor coatings is cork flooring. It requires careful attitude. If you know how to wash the cork flooring, you can prolong the term of its exploitation. Considering the naturalness, amazing sound-absorption and price of cork flooring, you surely want to use this ecofriendly clean material as long as you can.

  • You can get rid of dust before washing the cork flooring either by broom or by ordinary vacuum cleaner.
  • You shouldn’t wash the cork flooring by wet and dry vacuum cleaner, because the floor coating gets really wet during this process.
  • Use the duster or mop for the wet cleaning of cork flooring and wring it out maximally. Pay special attention to the floor near the baseboards – there must be no water remained.
  • You can wash this floor by detergent, nevertheless, there must be no solvents or abrasive particles in it.
wear the indoor footwear with unrubberized sole not to leave the footprints on the cork flooring.
  • Don’t wash the cork flooring in the cold room.

Take the furniture and floor flowers back only after the floor fully dries out.