How to wash the down jacket at home correctly

How to wash the down jacket at home correctly

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You should consider several parameters during the selection of winter clothes:

  1. Look and price;
  2. Effectiveness in low temperatures;
  3. Comfort.

A down jacket perfectly fits these parameters. This jacket is not only stylish and practical, but also it can give a head start to any fur coat. However, many people hesitate to buy it, because they don’t know how to wash the down jacket at home correctly.

You can wash it in the washing machine or by hands. So people who are anxious whether they can wash the down jacket in the washing machine can not worry about it. This product can be washed and if you follow the main rules, then jacket will serve you longer, than the manufacturer promises.

There is one important parameter that influences on the possibility to wash the down jacket in the washing machine – the material. There are three types of filler:

  1. Synthetic;
  2. Artificial down;
  3. Natural down/feather.
jacket of down and feather in ratio of 80/20 will be the perfect choice.

Not every down jacket can be washed, there are labels that warn about it. But you can bypass even that ban and do without the dry-cleaner’s if there is such necessity.

Washing the down jacket at home along with the drying can last for 2 days and the result will be as good as if it was cleaned by specialists. It is important to follow the basic principles of care and washing of down jackets.

You can find any information about washing of these jackets in this article. Besides, our site offers a lot of useful content, for example «washing the down jacket video instruction», where all information is visualized, so it significantly eases the process.

How to wash the down jacket not to mat the down

One of the key moments is care of the filler. This article will tell how to wash the down jacket not to mat the down.

As previously noted, you can wash the down jacket by hands or in the washing machine. Concerning first option, it is advisable to use it only in case of benign contamination. So, you need to hang the jacket on the hanger and locally cleanse the stains by detergents. Then wash away.

try to wet only the external side of fabric not to get drenched the jacket. You can do it due to shower. Direct the stream of water at an angle, so  water will run down tangentially. If you direct the stream on the down jacket, then water will soak straight away and get the down wet.

If you know that it is needed the radical cleaning and you don’t have a washing machine, then you have to wash by hands, evenit is quite difficult. How to wash the down jacket not to mat the down? The secret is to allocate manually the filler after the washing , to hang the product vertically and to  shake it regularly.

If you have a washing machine, then this process will be much simpler and easier. How to wash the down jacket not to mat the down in the washing machine? The answer is simple. Use the balls, which are meant not to let the filler mat in the lumps. It could be the special rubber balls with pricks or tennis-balls. Regardless whether there are lumps or not, you need to shake the down jacket from time to time after the washing in the machine.

How to wash the down jacket correctly not to appear stains

Regardless of the color of product (white, blue etc.), there can be stains after the washing, which will spoil the looks. To avoid it you should know several simple rules to wash the down jacket correctly not to appear stains.

Of course, cleaning of this clothing is a very painstaking job. But it will be much easier if you don’t make widespread mistakes. For example, people frequently wash the jacket in the washing machine or by hands by dry powder or laundry soap. This is the first and main mistake! Powder gets under the backing and is drawed up by the filler. It’s very difficult to wash it away from there. If you rinse the product after such washing poorly, then all the powder that is inside will turn into stains on the jacket. Washing the down jacket at home without stains will be successful, if you use the special gel.

you cannot put the jacket in the drum with other clothes. If the drum will be full, it could influence on the quality of rinse, which will lead to the stains on the down jacket.

You need to spread the suds on all stains and other problematic spots preliminary. Laundry mode is selected according to the information on the label.

You have to use several rubber balls or tennis-balls, so washing the down jacket at home without stains will be more comfortable. They won’t let down to mat in one place and they will make the rinse more successful. Of course, it’s preferable to use factory rubber balls with pricks, because tennis-balls fade over time and can leave marks.

turn on the ordinary washing instead of previous mode, but don’t add the detergent for rinse of higher quality.

Besides, you need to rinse the down jacket from 3 to 5 times.It is very important to dry the jacket in sober earnest. It’s forbidden to dry the jacket on the radiator or by drier – down will start to decay evolving bad smell and making the dark circles, so there will be stains for sure. Down jacket should be dried in the room with aeration or on the balcony.

How to wash the down jacket in the washing machine

Handy washing is quite troublesome. So household appliances is a better choice to save your energy and time. You need to find out how to wash the down jacket in the washing machine before you go ahead with this responsible event. To begin with, look at the detailed inscription on the label. It contains all necessary information.

there can be an inscription «only dry cleaning» or «only dry cleaner’s» on the label. You can try to wash such things in the washing machine using the delicate mode, but you still risk to ruin the clothing. If you care about it, then trust this work to the specialists.

You need to do several preparation steps before putting the clothes in the drum and pour the remedy for washing the down jackets in the washing machine. You should to look carefully at the down jacket. Any damage (holes etc.) can ruin the thing. So sew all ripped spots before the laundry. If it needs to be cleaned urgently and there is no time for tailoring repairs, then prefer the handy washing. If there are additional elements on the jacket, you need to remove them:

  1. Fur finishing;
  2. Hood;
  3. Belt;
  4. Hanging furniture accessories.

Check the pockets for foreign objects. Zip everything up and turn the jacket inside out. Previously treat especially dirty spots (hem, sleeves and collar) by soap and rub them by brush.

don’t wash the down jacket too often in order not to ruin the water-repellent impregnation of the product.

Many people wonder what temperature to use when washing the down jacket not to ruin it? Maximum temperature to wash the down jacket is 30-40°С.

When you determined the temperature numbers, you need to figure out what mode to use when washing the down jacket. The golden mean is the delicate mode. As a matter of experience, it should be highlighted that recommended modes may differ on the various models. For example, if there is handy washing the down jacket in the washing machine, and this recommendation is on the label, then there should not be any hesitations about choosing the mode.

One more important factor in this procedure is the choice of detergent. There is still an argument in the Internet about «what to wash the down jacket in the washing machine by?” If consider all pros and cons, you better use the liquid detergent. Because use of powder might ruin the product. Such remedy will be stuck in the down and if you don’t rinse it correctly, then washing will not have effect.

You always should pay attention to filler, because this affects what powder can be used to wash the down jacket in the washing machine and what powder cannot depends on it. Of course, there is a powder to wash the down jacket in the washing machine on sale and the label says that it fits for all types of jackets. In fact, only people, whose down jacket consists of artificial filler, can use this remedy. It will not be appropriate for natural down for reason given above.

How to wash the down jacket without tennis-balls

It is preferable to wash the down jacket using the tennis-balls or special rubber balls. If you don’t have any or you aren not going to buy them, it is not a big deal. You can wash the down jacket without tennis-balls.

Washing without the balls differs only by their absence. All other steps are the same as in case of washing with balls:

  1. Preparation of product;
  2. Washing machine settings (temperature, mode etc.);
  3. Choice of the detergent.

There is just one snag as always. You cannot wash the down jacket by this method if it is not sewed to sections, because all the down will flock in one lump in these models and the product will be more likely ruined, as it is very hard to  spread the filler uniformly.

However, if the jacked is separated to sections, you can boldly put the jacket in the washing machine. Difference from the washing with balls is only at the stage of drying. You need to fluff the down up in every section before hanging the jacket to dry because of balls’ absence. Then you have to repeat this procedure several times until the down jacket will be dry. If everything was done right, then down will be fluffed again and the down jacket will look like new.

How to wash the down jacket in the washing machine with tennis-balls

Majority of manufacturers permits the washing of the clothing and it eases consumer’s life. However, even the delicate washing  not always provides the necessary result. Especially in case of natural material – down. Filler of the down jacket has a property to mat into the lumps during the washing. And it is extremely hard to smooth it under the layer. So the additional trick was invented for it, that is using of balls. There is no problem in washing the down jacket in the washing machine with tennis-balls. They just need to be put near the down jacket.

you have to put only one down jacket and 4-8 balls in the drum.

There are several options of this accessory:

  1. Factory rubber balls;
  2. Tennis-balls;
  3. Magnetic balls for the washing;
  4. Tourmaline elements.

Speaking about balls for washing the down jacket, these are the rubber balls with pricks. This shape allows to maximally effectively plump the down. Not always such balls are included, but don’t worry. You can buy ordinary tennis-balls in every running shop. Washing will not be far worse than in the first case.

soak the tennis-balls in the hot water with bleacher before using them.

Magnetic balls have appeared on sale not so long ago. Their function is the same as the rubber ones’ – plumping the down. Besides, they improve the quality of water by making it softer due to the magnetic properties. It positively influences on the result.

Last innovative method of cleaning the down jacket is use of tourmaline elements.

Operating principle lies in putting the tourmaline balls in the washing machine with the jacket. They evolve negative ions during the laundry, which has impact on the acid-base balance of the environment. Practically the same thing happens during the use of the laundry detergent. Thus, you can fully give up on the detergents.

How to wash the white down jacket correctly

Not everyone risks to buy the white down jackets. The clothing looks stylish, but on the other hand, many people do not know how to wash the light down jacket correctly. And you have to know how it is done, because every contamination can be clearly seen. If you wash it wrong, there will be stains all over the jacket. Then how to wash the white down jacket without ruining it?

The result depends on first preparation steps. There is plenty of special remedies, which are meant to clean these jackets including the powders. However, what to wash the white down jacket by? Speaking of light product, you better buy the gel for delicate things. This remedy does not leave the stains on the white clothing.

Besides, you need to know how to wash the white down jacket in the washing machine and what mode to use. It will be fine with «handy washing», «synthetic» or «wool». Temperature is the same as in case of down jackets of other colors – 30 degrees.

use the special rubber balls during the washing. Unlike the tennis-balls, they do not leave any marks and the quality of washing is much higher.

Preparation process is the same as for any other jacket:

  1. Remove the foreign objects;
  2. Take off the additional elements;
  3. Turn inside out before the laundry.

So, it should not be question how to wash the white down jacket correctly. Important stage is after the laundry is over. Knowing how to wash the white down jacket is only a half of business. The rinse is as important step and you have to do it 2-3 times.

It is worthy of note that if the jacket is being washed for the first time, then there can be yellow stains after the rinse. Do not panic and do not search «How to wash the white down jacket without stains» in the Internet. This is the consequence of the fact that natural filler has yellow color and sometimes passes it on the fabric. There can be one more reason – bad factory cleaning of the filler.

put the Turkish towel in the drum along with the down jacket. This will help to improve the quality of rinse and to avoid the stains.

You can see these stains only on the stage of drying. Spots, where the product is yellow, will be seen on the light. Put the down jacket back to bathroom in this case. Mix a little bit of gel with the warm water and spread it on the yellow fabric. Rub it. Mix the gel with warm water by hand. Repeat the procedure until the down jacket is clean.

Is it possible to extract the down jacket in the washing machine

After the down jacket is washed and rinsed several times, the owners start to think whether it’s necessary to leave the jacket for the extraction. Search systems and requests like «How to wash the down jacket correctly extraction» can help. But you can not always find the unambiguous answer.

As a matter of fact, fears of many owners are justified, because if the down jacket is poorly sewed, then extraction can ruin the clothing. So if you doubt the strength of seams or you found the holes after the laundry, where the filler starts to come out, then give up on further extraction and just dry the down jacket.

That is the only reason why you have to refuse this procedure. Extraction has only pros beside that. So you should not hesitate whether you can extract the down jacket in the washing machine or not. It is important to know several details.

This procedure will help to remove the extra moisture because there will be a lot of it after the laundry. Filler will be wet and the drying can last for 2 days. Function of extraction comes to rescue.

Residual moisture after this procedure in modern washing machines will be about 50% and this is a good result.

Besides, you need to put tennis-balls or special rubber balls in the drum. Don’t let the noise confuse you. Neither the product, nor the equipment will be damaged. Balls will not only help to plump the down, but also will reduce the percent of residual moisture.
There is a widespread mistake that the more rotations the better. Modern equipment provides the ability to turn the mode of the speed from 1500 to 2000 rotations per minute. Is it possible to extract the down jacket in the washing machine using these speeds? The answer is no! Such numbers will ruin your clothing. Optimal number is approximately 600 rotations per minute.

you should not turn on more than 1000 rotations of the extraction regardless of the material or type of the clothes (coat, t-shirt etc.), or your element of wardrobe will serve less than you want it to.

There will be one more advantage in favor of extraction if your down jacket is white. If you neglect this function, then jacket will be wet after the laundry and it will need to be in the bathroom until the water is flowing. In case of rinse of low quality, there will be stains on light jackets. So extraction is the additional protection to avoid this unpleasant consequence.

Thus, we make a conclusion that the answer to the question «can I extract the down jacket in the washing machine» is «you not only can do it, but also should».

How to dry the down jacket after the washing

When you finished the stage of washing and extraction, there is last and important step. It is drying the jacket. And how to dry the down jacket after the washing to lookit  like new?

Whereas you can follow all advices (tennis-balls, special gel etc.), the filler in the jacket can mat in the backing. It is not a big deal. You just should use simple and verified method.

How to dry the down jacket after the washing? Many people just hang it and leave it to dry. However, you need to smooth and separate the lumps of down (if there are such things). You should do it vertically. Using the carpet beater or wooden stick knock carefully the surface of the down jacket from top to bottom. It is better to do domestic drying of the down jacket in the open air: on the balcony or on the street.

While beating the down jacket, it’s important not to overdo it, you mustn’t punch it like the carpet, because you can deform the jacket.

There can frequently appear the question how to dry the down jacket after the laundry and why it cannot be dried horizontally? You can only dry the down jacket horizontally if you put it on the solid surface which is covered by natural fiber. This will absorb the moisture. But you still have to use the additional remedies, for example, the hair drier.

However, we know that this help rifes with consequences. Using the drier, you risk to damage the filler because down and feathers will be ruined in high temperature, they will smell and provide the down jacket with contaminations. As a result, the clothing is damaged. So one right and safe way is the drying on the hangers.

store the washed and dried down jacket not in the polyethylene cover, but in the cotton case.

How to dry the down jacket vertically? Everything is very simple. You need to hang the jacket on the hanger. It need to be done to let the air circulate and take the extra moisture away. However, you should avoid the direct sunlight during drying process (especially if the down jacket is light).

The main quality specification of jacket drying will be the constant shaking in other sides, just as you plump the pillow or blanket by hands. Instead of shaking, you can carefully knock by the wooden stick as it was done during the lump smoothing.

How to wash a feather down jacket

The most expensive down jackets practically don’t contain the feather, but they aren’t cheap at all. Usually you could see the ratio 50/50 of feather to down . Sometimes there are even less down. So you should know how to wash a feather down jacket.

Both down and feather are sensitive materials, so the care should to be corresponding. It’s preferable to wash these clothes not very often and only in case of necessity (1-2 times per year).

There are practically no fundamental differences of washing the feather down jacket from other jackets. First of all, you need to:

  1. Zip all pockets up and turn the product inside out;
  2. Put the rubber balls or tennis-balls inside;
  3. Turn the delicate washing with the temperature 30 degrees at most.

The most important thing about washing the feather down jacket is the choice of detergent. Considering the material, you have to avoid the ordinary powders. They are very hard to be washed away from the filler. But on the other hand, if there is equal amount of feather and down (or even more feather than down), then you can use powder but only the one which is meant for these clothes. Turn the additional rinse in the end. Turn the washing again but without the detergent. Don’t look for information about «How to wash feather down jacket» in the Internet if the jacket got dirty. Natural filler loses its properties if it’s being frequently washed in the washing machine. It is better to remove these contaminations by hands using the solution of water and soap and try not to get the jacket wet too much.

And you can read how to wash down jacket with down in the next subtopic.

How to wash the down jacket with down

Modern market doesn’t offer the jackets with natural filler very often. On the one hand, such material conserves heat, but on the other hand, it has a range of negative characteristics:

  1. down accumulates the dust;
  2. absorbs the moisture very well and keeps it inside for a long time;
  3.  mats in the lumps.

How to wash the down jacket with down if its cleaning is problematic? To begin with, you shold read the labels to know for sure that the material inside is natural. There has to be the inscription «down». If you are the owner of down filler, then you need to follow a simple rule how to wash the down jacket with down.

This material is very sensitive to any detergent. So the remedy to wash the down needs to be selected extremely carefully. Avoid powders even if they are meant for the down jackets. Prefer only liquid gels for delicate fabrics.

if you can’t find gel, then use the shampoo. Use the powder only as a last resort and rinse the clothing at least five times after that.

How to wash the down jacket with down? There is no significant difference from the synthetics. The principle is the same. Preparation step doesn’t differ. Delicate washing and temperature of 30 degrees at most. Use of balls. The only difference is the fact that you need to beat the jackets very often not to mat the down.

Besides, many owners try to find their own approach to the washing according to the type of natural material. There quite often appear requests like «How to wash the down jacket with duck down». There are no differences between these materials. If you know the basics of care of jacket with natural filler, then you know how to wash the down jacket with down of swan, goose and duck.

use the tourmaline balls to avoid the harmful chemicals’ impact on the natural material.

You need to know that inside can often be something beside the down. Ratio of 90 to 10 or 80 to 20 (down to feather) is very widespread. You can find the label which says «feather» in this case. How to wash the down jacket with down and feather? Washing is the same as in case of down.

How to wash the fur of the down jacket

Down jacket just like any other jacket can have insertions of natural fur. Usually manufacturers make fur collars, sleeves and the edges of hood. What to do if such jacket is dirty and how to wash the down jacket with fur? First of all, you need to take these elements away, but if they cannot be taken away, then it is better to address to the dry cleaner’s. There will rife with consequences if you wash the jacket and fur at the same time.

But how to wash the fur of the down jacket separately? There are several options. You can use dry farina starch, talc or durum semolina for that purpose. Rub one of the noted products in the fur by hands and leave it for half of hour. Shake the fur over the bathtub and brush it by hairbrush. That is how the fur insertion and down jacket will be clean without significant efforts.

You may also soak the sponge in the spirit or vodka with water and rub the fur against the pile. Thus, all contaminations and greasy luster will be removed. After the fur is dry, brush it against the pile by lifting it a little to provide it with wooliness.

If this option isn’t appropriate, but there is still a question how to wash the fur on the down jacket, let’s consider one more option of cleaning. Separated the fur from the down jacket, soak it in the basin or bowl with warm water. Pour 100 ml at most of liquid detergent in the basin and leave it for several minutes. Rub the soapy water in the fur by hands and start rinsing.

Rinse elaborately only  by warm water until you feel that there isn’t soap on hands and fur. You can dry it on the radiator in the room or in the open air.

if you want to wash in the washing machine, then turn the delicate washing with the optimal temperature of 40°С at most.

And how to wash the fur on the down jacket if it is sewed? As previously mentioned, you better address to the dry cleaner’s. It’s forbidden to wash the down jacket and fur at the same time.

How to clean the down jacket which cannot be washed

Some jackets might have a label with inscription «dry cleaning only». It’s not recommended to risk the clothes for the experiment with the washing machine. It’s extremely easy to ruin the element of wardrobe. But don’t despair because there are several simple methods to clean the down jacket at home without washing it.

You need to understand that jacket’s surface has water-repellent properties, but they aren’t boundless. So don’t pour too much water. Do everything carefully because you risk to ruin the down jacket if you get it wet. First option of cleaning is chemicals.

Mix the liquid gel with the water, spread it on the dirty places and rub it by brush. Next step – take the sponge which is soaked by clean water and rub the soapy spot. Procedure is being repeated until you get the necessary result.

put the down jacket on the flat and solid surface for more comfortable cleaning.

If you don’t have such chemicals, there is one more option to clean the down jacket which cannot be washed. Take the improvised means for that. We need:

  1. 100 mm of water;
  2. Tablespoon of detergent for the dishes;
  3. Tablespoon of spirit or vodka.

These ingredients should be mixed and you rub this liquid by brush for several minutes. Remove the suds by sponge and warm water as in case of chemicals.

fat stain is removed by solution of water (500 mm), tablespoon of vinegar and tablespoon of salt.

Or you can mix the hydrogen peroxide and sal-ammoniac. The process is the same as in the previous option. Anyway, you have to remember that if you need the radical washing then better to take this down jacket in the dry cleaner’s.

How to wash the down jacket by hands

If you don’t trust the washing machine, then the only way is handy washing. This is more delicate, but on the other hand it’s quite painstaking. One more reason why you should give up on the washing machine is the case when there are damages on the jacket. It can be torn apart in the drum and all you can do is throw it away.

You should know how to wash the down jacket by hands correctly. Speaking of preparation step, it doesn’t differ from any other ways to clean the down jacket. Remove everything that can be removed. Especially the fur. If you wash this material along with the filler, it will detrimentally affect the jacket at large. Before you look for the information how to wash the down jacket by hands correctly, make sure that you cannot avoid this cleaning. It’s possible to get rid of all small stains by more sparing methods and if you begin the handy cleaning, it will take a lot of energy and time. You can even lose your favorite clothing due to the reckless disregard.

It is forbidden to use powders. It will be impossible to rinse the down jacket by hands.

If you need the radical cleaning, then there is one verified way to wash the down jacket by hands. Pour the warm water and gel which is meant for delicate fabrics in the basin. Put the jacket in it and leave for 40-60 minutes.

Brush the down jacket elaborately. This process should take at least 30 minutes and don’t be lazy, otherwise the washing won’t provide results.

many people add the conditioner during the cleaning of down jacket by hands but you shouldn’t do that because there can appear the stains that are very difficult to get rid of.

Washed the down jacket in the basin, start to rinse. Remember that it’s the most important step. If you rinse the product wrong, the stains will stay. So pour the warm water in the basin and start to wash the jacket. You will have to change the water in the basin 2-3 times. You won’t be able to remove all adsorbed soapy water from the filler on the first try!

After the rinse is over, hang the jacket for water to flow. Punch the filler by the stick and constantly shake the clothing, so the material could get its original look back.