What to wash the crystal with

What to wash the crystal with

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Kitchenware of crystal takes the pride of place on the festive table every time. Patch of sunlight, which is being reflected from the crystal glasses, creates an unforgettable festive mood.

Royal utensils require the careful attitude, which is why it’s recommended to wash the crystal with carefulness and honor.

What to wash the crystal with for it to shine

Pure clatter of crystal is only possible, when it’s clean. Cleanness is defined by purity and shine. So your task is to determine what to wash the crystal with for it to shine.
Before washing the crystal, do the preparation job:

  •  spread the rubber blanket or soft towel on the kitchen-sink or basin, where you’ll wash the crystal.

Now start to wash:

  • Considering the fragility of crystal products, chemical detergent for the washing has to be soft and there must be no abrasive particles. Powders are off the table, because you surely don’t want to scratch your beauty. «Fairy» and «Dosia» will gently wash the crystal.
  •  Fat dust, sunken down on the crystal products, will be removed if you preliminary wrap the kitchenware in textile napkin or towel, which is soaked in any detergent for glass. Leave the crystal product wrapped for a few hours and then wash it as always.
  •  Pay attention to the composition of preparation for dish-washing machine when you wash the crystal kitchenware in the dish-washing machine, because you need to avoid this preparation if it contains the a4brasive particles. Just turn on the delicate mode without using any preparations.
crystal might be damaged by difference of temperatures, so don’t experiment with hot and cold water during the washing.
  • Detergent can also wash the yellowness in the panes of carved crystal. Pour it all over the product and then wash every wrinkle and pane by soft toothbrush or foam plastic.
  • You cannot wash the crystal with ordinary soap, cause there will be a soap scale on the walls of crystal and it’s hard to remove.
  • After the crystal is washed, elaborately rinse the product with the cold water and start to dry it without waiting for it to fully dry.

For pile to be left on the crystal products, rub them with waffle towel or flaxen napkin, don’t hold the glass by its foot, because it might come untwisted. Hold it by the bottom.

crystal will shine if you rub it with napkin that is soaked in the sal-ammoniac.

What to wash the crystal with at home

There are people who don’t like the use of chemicals at home. Let’s consider what to wash the crystal with at home for them. All the more so as practice shows, folk remedies are extremely effective and the mistresses love them.

  •  Mix the salt and vinegar with the warm water in this ratio: tablespoon of vinegar and 30-40 g of salt per liter of water. Wash the crystal with soft sponge, rinse it by cold water and then dry it.
  • Serious stains, dirt and scale on the crystal kitchenware will be eliminated by potato brew. Put the crystal in the pot with the cool water, which is left of the 30-minute boiling of potato, rinse and dry it.
  • Contaminations are so old that they even turned yellow? It’s not a problem. Rub the yellow scale with two halves of potato.
owners of antique crystal need to rinse the kitchenware with mild solution of blue.
  • Remove the timescale of the vase or water-bottle of crystal by dint of Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Pour the drink inside and leave it for two hours.

As you see, it’s quite easy and simple to provide the crystal with transparence and magical brightness.