How to wash the dishtowel

How to wash the dishtowel

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Nothing gladdens the mistress’s eye as much as cleanness in the kitchen. Shine of kitchenware and household appliances, snow-white surface of the stove, sparkling drawers and fresh dishtowels… But it’s exactly the dish towels that sadden the mistress most of all, because washing the dish towel is often impossible. That’s because textile kitchen helpers are full of stains and they absorb the kitchen odors before you can say knife.

How to wash the dishtowel at home

Before considering how to wash the dishtowel at home, let’s specify the important aspects:

  • there must be several sets of dishtowels. While one of them is being washed, another one is working with you in the kitchen.
  • Turkish towels are off limits in the kitchen. These are the perfect environment for bacterial growth.
  • buy the towels of flux or waffle cloth. You will evaluate this in the process of use.
  • use paper towels if you can afford it. But there must be a cotton one for hands.
  • it’s recommended to change dishtowels daily. If you cannot do such a thing, then change them at least once in two-three days even if it seems that the towel are clean.
textile will be easily cleaned without the additional remedies in the washing machine in case of daily change of dishtowels.
  • don’t rub the table and work surface with dishtowel, use sponge or duster for this purpose.
  • use oven cloth instead of towel to pick up the hot pot or kettle.

Well, now remember how to wash the dirty dishtowels:

  • Presoaking. Presoaking in baking soda will do for white towels (several tablespoons per 5 liters) or with special bleachers (Vanish, Parus etc.). Use salt brine for colored towel (two-three tablespoons). Soak the towels for five hours. It’s worthy of note that soda, salt and bleachers can remove the bad smells during the presoaking.
pour the detergent on the towels with fat stains and leave for 20 minutes. This remedy will dissolve fat and you will be able to wash everything without too many efforts.
  • Washing in the washing machine. This option is appropriate if the stains were removed after the soaking. Wash the white towels in the washing machine with temperature of 90 degrees, colored towel – 60 degrees at most.
you shouldn’t soak and wash the dishtowel with other clothes.
  • Boiling.

1 option. Pour the water in the pot, which you don’t use to cook the food, add 10 tablespoons of laundry detergent and 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil (don’t be surprised) and two tablespoons of bleacher. Put your dirty towels there and boil them on a low heat for about a half of hour. After the towels are cool, rinse them with water.

before boiling, soak the towels and wash them by hands otherwise the dirt will be left on the towel.

2 option. Take the half of bar of yellow-brown grated soap (or you can chop it with the knife) and mix the soap curd with soda ash (a big handful). Pour the water on this blend and heat it on a low heat until it fully dissolves. Put the kitchen textile in this grandma’s blend and boil them for a half of hour. When everything’s cool, take the towels out and rinse them.

  • Disinfection. When the towels are being boiled, then microbes and disease agents die in the process of heat treatment.

How to wash the dishtowel without boiling it

When there’s no opportunity to boil the towels or you don’t like such a method of washing, then we offer you ways to wash the dishtowel without boiling it.

  • Soak the towel for the night by any method that is offered above and wash it using the detergent. You will have to work by your hands, but the result is quite worthy.
  • Lazy washing. Soap the wet kitchen textile, the soap is irreplaceable thing in the house. Put the towels in ordinary plastic bag (not colored, for paint not to become washed out on the cloth), deflate and do up a parcel. Leave it like this for the whole day. You need to loosen the bag after 24 hours and elaborately rinse the towels.
  • Hydrogen peroxide or table vinegar will help to get rid of bad smell without the boiling procedure. After the towels are washed, hang them to dry in the open air. Iron the dry kitchen textile because the ironed towels get dirty quite rare.