Viscose carpets: pros and cons

Viscose carpets: pros and cons

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Carpets of the natural material (silk, cotton etc.) look very beautiful. On the other hand, the price policy is that not everyone can afford that. That is why people came up with the carpets where the fiber is received artificially.
We talk about the viscose. This material is popular, because it isn’t synthetic and is as beautiful as silk. Does it have disadvantages? Viscose carpets: pros and cons. This article will help to find out.

How the viscose carpet is made

It is worthy of note that this material isn’t synthetic despite it is received artificially. How the viscose carpet is made? The base for the production is cellulose.
The process of production is quite hard. Wood cellulose is being treated with sodium hydroxide. Then achieved mass is sent to press in order to remove the surplus humidity. The next step – it is being cut and left in the cell where there is a process of air oxidation.

viscose doesn’t bear the humidity well. So don’t put such carpets in the bathroom.

In the end, the fiber is being made of the received mass and it is used to produce the carpets. As you see, despite the material is artificial, it’s not the result of synthesis of some chemical junctions and it is safe for our health.

Viscose carpet’s pros

At first, we found out how this product is received. Let’s find out what viscose carpet’s pros are. First and foremost is the price. You buy the product for quite reasonable price and not everyone can differ it from the real silk.
Besides, there is a variety of colors. Viscose perfectly yields to the dyeing. In addition, this material is very soft.

prefer the colorful carpets. White carpets grow yellow in time.

Besides, these carpets don’t cause the allergic reactions and don’t accumulate statics on the surface.

Viscose carpet’s cons

Any object or product has certain negative properties beside the positive ones. What viscose carpet’s cons are?
This material is quite slippery, especially if the carpet is small. You should press it by furniture or use the rubber backing to secure yourself.
Humidity is the main enemy of such carpet. So any spilled liquid has to be immediately removed. If you want to clean, then use only dry duster.
Unfortunately, this material catches fire too easily due to the special aspects of the production. So it is not recommended to put it near the fire sources or heaters.
And the last thing is care. Viscose is very capricious material and «difficult» stains (wine etc.) are quite hard to remove.

Viscose carpet’s care>

As it was said earlier, viscose carpet’s care is not an easy task. The material is extremely sensible to any mechanical impact so it very quickly wears down. Turn the carpet for 180 degrees once in half of year to avoid that.
The cleaning must be dry. Use salt or soda for it. Pour the chosen product on the carpet and leave it for 30-40 minutes, while dirt and smells are absorbed. Then take it all away by the broom.

you have to rub the product only with soft brush in case of light contaminations. If the stain is fat or it is of wine, then you better address the dry cleaner.

You need to dump the carpet out several times a year, but don’t beat it. Because it has a property to be deformed extremely easily.
And the last thing. You have to vacuum-clean it at least once a week from the both sides.