How to unclog a sink in the kitchen.

How to unclog a sink in the kitchen.

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It’s nice when everything in the kitchen works like a charm and the mistress doesn’t get distracted by household particulars and she is busy exceptionally with cooking the tasty family breakfasts, lunches and dinners. It’s nasty when the water stays in the sink. Nevertheless, don’t panic. If you know how to unclog a sink, dealing with this problem won’t take long.

How to unclog a sink in the kitchen

Netting on the water drain is a necessary thing. Sink’s clog will occur more rarely if you have it. But if the sink is stuffed up and the water doesn’t flow down, let’s consider the options about how to unclog a sink in the kitchen.

When the kitchen sink is stuffed up for the first time, then you might come up with an idea to call a plumber. It’s nice idea, but let’s try to get rid of water by yourself or with help of your husband. Here are methods to clean the sink according to clog’s level (from the small one to the serious one):

  • hot water. If your outlet pipework is of steel, then boil the water in the kettle and pour it in the drain. If you have plastic pipes, then it’s enough to turn on the tap with hot water for 10-15 minutes.
  • sink plunger. Old verified handy plumbing tool, which is meant for the cleaning of water run-off. Set the sink plunger accurately and compactly on the run-off in the sink and sharply push a few times, it will create a water hammer. Airflow, which you created during the pushing, is directed to dislocate and partly destroy the clog, which originated in the pipe. Herewith contaminations, which caused the clog, appear in the sink, you have to take them away immediately to avoid the repeated clog. Water flows slowly or it doesn’t flow at all? Repeat the sharp pushes by sink plunger until waste products start to appear in the run-off and the water finally flows into sanitary drainpipe.
unclog two-piece sink by two sink plungers at the same time and if you don’t have the second sink plunger, then closely cork the run-off by wet duster.
  • household chemicals for unclogging the sinks. There is a big variety of special preparations, which eliminate the clogs. They can be liquid or powdered. The choice is yours, whether to use acid remedies or alkaline ones. Here are the famous remedies that unclog the sink: Krot, Mister Muscle, Tiret, Aist Sanoks etc. You have to work with them by the book and in gloves. Firstly, pour the hot water in the run-off and then add the aggressive remedy for the cleaning. You’ll have to wait for several hours. Cleaning chemical solutions are nice by the fact that besides unclogging the pipe, they also remove the bad smell, which accompanies this process.
in case of frequent clogs, it’s not recommended to presume upon chemicals, because they are quite aggressive and frequent use will lead to corrosion of rubber laying and to integrity damage of drainpipes.
  • mechanical cleaning. Take the plastic trap to pieces, it’s located under the kitchen-sink. Throw out all the trash from it and wash it. Investigate the goffered tapping. Try to pour a little bit of water there and if it doesn’t flow, then the clog is farther in pipe. Use the sanitary hose to unclog, put it in the goffer and start to roll it. When you feel the clog by hose, make a few pushes hereby breaking through the clog, which hinders the water to flow. Pour the water in the pipe and check whether the clog is gone. When the reason of lacking of water flow is disposed, put the trap back and turn on the strong head of water for it to float out the trash from the walls of pipe.

How to unclog a sink at home

If you don’t have a sink plunger, sanitary hose and household chemicals to unclog the pipes, then it’s time to unclog a sink at home.

  • baking soda. Pour 150 g of soda in the run-off and a overflow it by big amount of hot water.
  • baking soda and table vinegar. Pour 150 g of soda in the run-off and 250 g of vinegar after that. Wait for 15 minutes and wash there by water.
soda can be perfectly replaced by several pills of Alka-Seltzer.

After you unclogged a sink in the kitchen, make it a rule to weekly take the preventive measures of processing the pipes by boiled water or sink plunger.