Brush of the chamois things at home and their care

Brush of the chamois things at home and their care

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Brush of the chamois things at home and their care

Fashion changes every year. However, something stays stable and gets the status of «classic». These things include chamois, which is used for more than 300 years by various designers not only in clothing, but also in shoes.
What is chamois? This is leather of small animals that is elaborated by fat or formaldehyde-fat tanning. Material has a velvet surface. It is durable and tenacious and this makes it more convenient than haircell leather. Besides, chamois shoes are considered universal, because they fit various styles.
This material looks without waxing too poetic stunning. But, of course there is tails. It is known that beauty requires sacrifice. This material is very fastidious and needs constant care. This is main and only disadvantage.
Shoes easily gather dust and immediately lose their appearance. In due course, there are grease strains. Humidity also influences not so well. But if you buy a natural material, then knowing the secrets, chamois brush at home will be easy for you.
This article will reveal to you what folk remedies will clear your favorite shoes of various pollutions. Starting with simple dust and ending with fat strains.
Besides, you will find out how to keep the appearance, because the brush of chamois shoes at home is not it. It needs the correct care. How to recover the color? How to raise the fluff? How to refresh the shoes? What remedies to use? You will find all answers here.

How to brush the chamois shoes

Chamois is the demanding material. There is a way to fight the stains of every type of contamination, it is hard to answer the question how to brush the chamois shoes and by what. You should decide as the occasion requires.
Chamois shoes brush can be separated by two main subtypes:

  1. Dry;
  2. Wet.
    Independently on the choice, you need to arm yourself with the special brush and 2-3 clean pieces of cloth.
before you brush, assure that the shoes are dry. If there are humid stains, let them dry out without using the artificial heat sources.

Chamois shoes easily gather dust and other foreign particles. It quickly loses its appearance and the brush is necessary. You shouldn’t also use anything radical when the contamination is small and local. The answer to the question how to brush the chamois shoes in these cases is one – dry cleaning.
Dust and other small particles are removed by dint of brush. Scrub brush will do. You need to scrub the problematic spot in one direction until the result is there.
If you aren’t so lucky and stain on the clothing is fat, then use talc. Every owner of chamois things must have one. Take the shoes and pour the talc on them. Leave the thing in dry place for a few hours. Then take the same brush and scrub by the side with rubber bristles. The stain will be gone.
One more frequent guest on the chamois shoes is the ordinary dirt. What to brush the chamois shoes by, if all boot is dirty? The recipe is quite simple actually. Let them fully dry out first. Then take the brush and scrub until the stains are gone. It is important to have patience and start working only after the dirt is dry, otherwise you will spread it all over your shoes.

universal brush for chamois cleaning will be of service to you practically in every case, so it is desirable for you to have one in your «arsenal». Besides, there are models that are appointed by castor. This improvement helps to brush the seams.

More serious contaminations require more serious methods. Specialists recommend to remove the serious contaminations by steam. Besides, there is a way to use the solution of water and sal-ammoniac. More detailed information will be described further in the text.
One more option of wet cleaning is the solution of skim milk and soda (teaspoon). Moisten the clean piece of cloth and rub the stains. Take another piece of cloth and move on the cloth all over again when you moisten it by clean cold water. One more good way is to make a mild soap solution. Teaspoon of delicate detergent and spoon of sal-ammoniac per glass of water. All actions are repeated as in case of the solution based on milk and soda.

But how to brush chamois shoes if the folk remedies don’t fit? Fortunately, the market is imbued with brands that produce the special products for care of various types of shoes.

if you want to save, better avoid the purchase of cheap fakes. «Buy cheap, buy twice» and this saying works here as nowhere else. You better use the folk remedies.

The most popular are Salamander and Silver. You can find among their products:

  1. cleanser and lotions for the small contaminations;
  2. special eraser for dust;
  3. foams and shampoos for deeper cleaning;
  4. spot remover for serious contaminations.
    Of course, they aren’t cheap, but they work their cost off for 100%. All above said ways will do for family budget keepers, because they are verified by many people.

Chamois brush under the steam

As it was previously said, this method can be used when the stains are deep and you cannot get rid of them easily. How to brush the chamois shoes under the steam? The main rule is to prepare the shoes for the procedure.
You need to use the brush or soap solution to remove those stains that you can. If you used the wet cleaning, then wait for shoes to dry.
Chamois brush under the steam should be started after the preparation stage. Take the ordinary kettle and fill it almost to the edges, because you might need a lot of steam. Boil it for stream to go out of the gooseneck. Alternatively, you can replace the kettle with steam iron. But the first option is more convenient.

don’t overdo it with steam bath. Wet shoes can be distorted thanks to high temperature.

How to brush the chamois under the steam? Everything is simple. Place the shoes under the stream and hold it for all contaminated surface to be treated. Watch the shoes for them not to get wet. After the steam treatment, take the brush and start to intensively rub by side, where there is a scrub. The effect will be immediate! You should rub in one direction.
When the procedure is over, leave the shoes to dry out far from such heaters as radiators.

Chamois brush by sal-immoniac

This method is very popular, because it’s not expensive, it’s simple and provides great result. For chamois brush by sal-immoniac to go without any problems, prepare several pieces of cloth, container to mix the liquids, sal-immoniac, water and acetic.

when any type of brushing is over, it is desirable to treat the thing with special protection remedies.

Pour the warm water and sal-immoniac in one container 1:4. Mix it and presoak the cloth and brush in this solution and start to treat the problematic spots. It is important to make it quick and not let the liquid to soak in. Then you need to rub it by another piece of cloth that is soaked in clean water.
Then it is the final step. You need to make another solution of water and acetic. For chamois brush by sal-immoniac to have effect after the manipulations, you need to mix two glasses of water and 1 teaspoon of acetic. Treat the shoes by this solution.
Leave the things dry out after the manipulations without any additional remedies (blow dryer etc.) This method will not only help to erase the stains and contaminations, but also will refresh the appearance.

How to recover the chamois shoes

There is nothing eternal in our world. No matter how we try to preserve the shoes, sooner or later they will start to lose their past beauty. Chamois is no exception. The reasons of appearance lose can be several. Fortunately, there is a solution to every problem.
Before you address the reconstructive process, you need to brush the shoes. Let them dry out if the liquids were used. And then start to recover.
Problems can be many: shiny spots, fluff and many other. One of the most widespread problems is discoloration. How to recover the chamois shoes in this case? There are two options. First one is simple, but it bumps up against the financial expenses. You can buy the paint for chamois of corresponding color and spray it on the shoes (distance to the thing is approximately 25 cm.)

you better recover the things’ color outside, preliminary lay the cardboard or buckram. Or you will have to air the room of paint smell.

You better train for a while on old sneakers, unnecessary shoes or on the piece of cloth. You need to paint carefully, evenly spray it on all the surface. Then leave the shoes to dry out and raise the fluff with the brush. If you don’t have such spray within reach, you can use the folk remedies depending on the thing’s color. If it’s brown, rub the problematic spot by coffee grouts and leave it for the night. Clean all that by soft side of the brush in the morning. If the required color is white, then you can use talc.

the option with domestic colorants is nondurable and the effect will last a week max. Buy the special spray for the question «how to recover the chamois shoes» not to get back soon enough.

However, discoloration is only one of aspects of recover and care of the chamois shoes. What to do in other cases when you need to raise the fluff or provide the shoes with more exquisite appearance? We will further reveal all problematic situations.

How to raise the fluff on chamois shoes?

Practically after any brush or color recovery owner ends up with a question – how to raise the fluff on chamois shoes?
Let’s begin with the mistakes. Internet contains many recipes where this problem is solved by solution based on milk and sal-immoniac. But these liquids won’t help you in this problem. Their function is to brush and refresh the shoes. And the problem how to raise the fluff on chamois shoes won’t go anywhere after these actions.
One more method that is being practiced is a steam bath. Principle and action status are the same as in case of cleaning. Boil the water in the kettle and evenly move over the stream of steam. But this won’t always help.
As the matter of fact, the solving of this problem is the mechanical effect on the material. The most widespread helper is the clerical eraser. Of course, there are special equipment for the fluff in the shops, but there are always time and possibility to buy them.
Before you work, make sure that the shoes are clean and wet. Then you simply start to rub the shoes by eraser until the result is there. That’s the secret how to raise the fluff on chamois shoes.

when you removed the stains of shoes by dint of brush, you had to rub the chamois in one direction. When the goal is to raise the fluff, then you need to rub a little bit differently: back and forth.

You can use the other objects to solve this problem. The core won’t change. The most widespread ones are knives and the flint paper.
If you chose the knives, then you need to carefully move the glade on the chamois. Principle of work with flint-paper is the same. Nuance lies in the fact that you need to buy the flint-paper with the smallest grain.
You shouldn’t forget that chamois is the material that requires carefulness. So hard work with the flint-paper can provide «the gift» as the small bald patches that are really difficult to get rid of.
In case if you don’t approve the folk remedies, you can buy the crepe brush. You will be surprised to the upside by the result literally beginning with the first seconds.
But how to raise the fluff on the chamois shoes if the owner hesitates about his abilities? The answer is simple as usual. You can address the professionals. It is expensive but the result is guaranteed. Some dry-cleaners offer the wide range of services. Including the work with chamois:

  1. Raise the fluff;
  2. Paint;
  3. Brush.

How to refresh the chamois shoes

When it’s time to take the chamois shoes or boots, the owner will be frustrated at first. Things lose their appearance in several months. How to refresh the chamois shoes?
In any case, you need to brush the shoes before doing anything. Dry way of cleaning will fit. You simply need to remove the contaminations and you shouldn’t miss the seams.
If the stains were discovered, they must be removed by one of above said ways. This can be talc of soap solution. In this case, you need to wait until the shoes dry.

the brush is very important preparation stage and you shouldn’t neglect it.

For chamois to be as new again, you can buy the crepe brush, which will solve this task. If the received effect wasn’t enough, you can also use the solutions.
First option, how to refresh the chamois shoes – is a glass of warm milk that is mixed with teaspoon of soda. Soak the duster in the solution and wash the shoes, especially in the problematic spots.
After that, wash the duster or take the new one. Soak it in the clean water and wash the chamois again. Wait for the full drying and raise the fluff by one of the ways that are described earlier.
The second way is a mild acetic cleaner. How to refresh the chamois shoes by dint of this? You better use this liquid after the sal-ammoniac brushing. Pour only 1 teaspoon of acetic per 1 liter of water. Do all manipulations like in case of the solution based on the milk. Your shoes will look velvet again.

How to recover the chamois on the boots

Talking about shoes, chamois is very frequently used in many models. There is no surprise as this material looks exquisite and elegant. One the most widespread types of chamois shoes are boots.
Of course, however you care of them, when you take them out of the closet, you will have to do some manipulations. Firstly, arm yourself with everything necessary:

  1. Eraser;
  2. Universal brush for chamois;
  3. Container for liquid;
  4. Paint-spray;
  5. Several pieces of clean cloth.

How to recover the chamois on the boots? Formula for success is a cleaning of high quality. Several methods were preliminary described depending on type and complexity of the contamination. In any case, wash it by the brush to estimate the material condition. If you discover some stains, put the boots in the steam bath, treat it with sal-ammoniac solution or use the purchased detergents. The choice is yours. After the cleaning, you should use the solution based on milk or acetic. After the shoes are dry, you will be able to estimate the chamois appearance and determine does it need to be painted or not. There mustn’t now be question how to recover the chamois on the boots. This article described how to do that in details.
In case if there are problematic spots, use the spray and bother for paint not to get on the things around.

to nail down the effect of your efforts, always treat the shoes by the special protection sprays.

Final stage is to raise the fluff. You can use the crepe brush, fine grain abrasive paper or eraser. The first option is preferable because it for sure won’t ruin the material. Do everything carefully and the boot will gladden you by its new fresh appearance.
Remember, if you don’t have time and desire, but you have money, you always can address the dry cleaner.

Correct chamois shoes ‘care

Chamois isn’t a simple material. On the one hand, it won’t be out of fashion cause it’s classic. But on the other hand, it is not for lazy people. Besides, it requires constant care or the thing will fall into disrepair for one season. Pledge of long service is correct chamois shoes’ care. Including the preventive measures. Besides, you should care of the shoes everyday up to the moment when it goes to the bow until the next season.
Firstly, if you plan to add the chamois shoes in your wardrobe, buy the universal brush or several separate ones. The most important is for you to have one with rubber or elastic bristles and one with scrub within reach. In addition, you need to have the moisture repellant safety colorless spray and one paint-spray in case of attritions.
Correct chamois shoes’ care starts in the first evening, when the purchase gets to your house. You need to treat it by nanospray. The layer must be triple! Pour it on the shoes and wait until it dries out. Then repeat it 3 times. Chamois is very sensitive to the weather conditions, especially to the moisture. And such preventive measures will help you to brag your new outfit even in rainy period.

membrane doesn’t guarantee 100% protection of water. Try to avoid the shoes drench. Besides the material keeps the humidity and it needs to be left to dry out after the walk under the rain.

Besides, for shoes to look like new for as long as possible, you need to remove all stains on time. If there is a dirt, then you need to let it dry and remove the dirt by brush. If the contamination is more serious, then you need to use the soap solution or sal-ammoniac. Steam helps to preserve the appearance, but you shouldn’t use this method too often.
In any case, you need to brush every day even if you think that it is unnecessary. Came back home, took off your shoes, brushed, removing the dust and nailed the effect down by protection remedies.

How to correctly care about the chamois shoes

As it was previously said, the modern care helps to maintain the corresponding appearance of chamois shoes. But the secret is not only in correctly selected accessories and shoe care products, but also in taking the corresponding measures depending on time of year. How to correctly care about the chamois in summer and winter? Let’s find out.
Summer gives us the dry air and a lot of dust besides the warmth and good weather. This in its turn harms the fastidious material. Chamois loses its appearance for one walk literally. So be prepared to start brushing every time you come home in the evenings. As you crossed the doorstep of apartment and took off your shoes, take the porous sponge or flannel swap. Remove the dust of the shoes. Then you need to wash the chamois by mild soap solution. It is important not to wet the material or it may coarsen. How to correctly care about the chamois shoes in this case?
The secret is not to pull the swap to the surface after soaking it. These must be light touches at a tangent. Then you need to rub it by the wet wipe to remove the soap. Treat it with the dry wipe and leave it to dry out. In the end, if you found out that the chamois lost its appearance, use one of the advices about the recover that were described earlier.

bread can be the alternative to the soap solution. Rub it by the crust of black bread and take over the steam. Then raise the fluff by the brush.

Situation is different in winter. The moisture is bigger. Frequent fall-outs and the dirt and snow under the feet. It has been said that maintaining a chamois is harder in winter, but that’s not the truth. It is necessary to know how to correctly care of chamois shoes when it’s cold or they won’t serve you long.

You need to cover the chamois with the layer of water repellant spray before every walk. It will help not only minimize the moisture in the material, but also ease the cleaning of the shoes.
If your shoes are wet, never dry them near the radiator. Put the newspaper in it and leave it until it’s dry. Then pay attention to the dirt. Don’t forget to treat the shoes by protection remedies for chamois after all procedures.

Chamois shoes’ care

Chamois shoes always look amazing. People that want to buy them often slap themselves on the wrists and persuade themselves that this material isn’t practical and it is fastidious in care. They are in some measure right, but knowing the basics, chamois shoes’ care wouldn’t be the hard labor.
Spring or fall period is peculiar to this type of shoes. So the solar drought or rainy weather can fall on the shoes. We make a simple conclusion as we found out about all possible options of cleaning and care.
If this is dry and dusty outside:

  1. Take away the dust by flannel swap or crust of black bread every day after the walk;
  2. Wash by mild soap solution or take it over the stream of steam;
  3. Raise the fluff by the eraser or special brush;
  4. Keep it in dry place.
if the shoes’ season comes to the end, you should preserve them. Spray them three times as when you bought them and hide them in the box. You will be able to find the special plastic cases. They will make the chamois shoes’ care much easier.
If there is rain, dirt and puddles of water:
  1. always wait for shoes to dry out before to clean;
  2. the dirt is taken away by brush and more serious contaminations are taken away by sal-ammoniac;
  3. treat by water repellant before every walk.

Main rule – chamois shoes’ care should be constant, while you use them and they will gladden you for many years.

Chamois boots’ care

Boots are the most complicated type of shoes when it comes to the care, especially when it comes to chamois. So first and the most important rule of such things – they aren’t meant for daily trips. The reason is simple. They aren’t easy to adjust after each walk considering the square of material, which should be cleaned and processed by brush.
In other things chamois boots’ care doesn’t differ from the shoes. They aren’t meant for summer period. This in its turn means that you won’t have to fight the dust. On the other hand, the main enemy is dirt and moisture.
You will need the crepe brush that is needed for recover the upper layer of the shoes. Eraser and other folk remedies won’t fit because they require more efforts.

treat the edges of sole or platform by special remedy based on wax. It will help to increase the water resistance of the shoes. But you need to do that carefully for remedy not to get on the chamois.

Don’t forget to cover the shoes by water repellant protective layer every time you walk out. Chamois boots’ care is impossible without this simple rule. Even if you smudge the boots very much, you can easily get rid of the stains by dint of spray, using any method you like:

  1. Soap solution;
  2. Sal-ammoniac;
  3. Steam;
  4. Special shampoo.

Remember that you better spend your time on the preventive measures than address to the expensive dry-cleaners.

Remedies for chamois shoes

If you become a happy owner of chamois shoes, be ready that you will have the whole cosmetic kit. Folk remedies are good but only when it comes to the cleaning.
Steam, sal-ammoniac and acetic will help to save a lot of money, but they cannot fully replace the remedies for chamois shoes. They can be separated to two groups. First one is the brushes of various types starting with universal one and ending with the selection, where each thing has its own type of bristles. Second group is vaster and numbers dozens of various care remedies. These can be sprays with various protection functions (color preservation, water repellants etc.), different jells, shampoos and soaps. Talking about the brush, the choice is simple here. You can take the universal one of several different ones. This won’t influence on your efforts’ results much.
Speaking of the purchased remedies for chamois shoes’ care, you cannot save money here.

always look to the prices. Look up the prices in the Internet and estimate the brand’s average price. Avoid the suspiciously cheap offers.

Market is filled by substitutes and fakes, so you need to be extremely careful. Cheam chemicals won’t help you with the problem and will ruin the expensive thing. If you decided to buy the chamois, remember that the care saving won’t help to prolong the service of your shoes or boots, it will rather speed up their wear-out.

Brush for cleaning the chamois shoes

This simple thing, which you cannot do without is care of chamois shoes. Of course, you can take several different brushes with different surfaces:
Rubber bristles;
Hard bristles;
Porous sponge.
It will be enough for you to remove the dust, raise the fluff and maintain your favorite shoes in amazing condition. However, if you prefer the universal brush, you get all the same but all in one. Effect will be the same in any case, but the care comfort will be significantly higher. Brush for cleaning the chamois shoes 3 in 1 will help to execute range of procedures without any distractions and using one hand.

you can also buy the crepe brush. Such purchase will provide your things with exquisite velvetiness in a few seconds.

What is it? Small and comfortable handle with duplex brush on the end. On the one side, there could be the elastic or rubber bristles, and on the other side it could be the nylon combining with brassy bristles. Brush for cleaning the chamois shoes is equipped by special «castor» on the edges. What and in what cases to use? Elastic will help to remove the contaminations. If all your shoes are in the street dirt, let it dry out and then clean it by brush. Sometimes it is necessary to do more pressure by elastic/rubber bristles, but you shouldn’t overdo it in order not to ruin the chamois. Sometimes the brush for chamois shoes cannot make it. In this case you can use the purchased detergents (foams, jells, soap etc.) or folk ones (sal-ammoniac, steam, soap solution).
Scrub is used for the dust removal. Besides, it will be needed, if it is necessary to remove the goop and raise the fluff.
The last detail is the castor. It will help to clean the hard-to-reach spots, such as the seams and rands.
So we make a simple conclusion. Brush for chamois shoes is just irreplaceable remedy during the daily care of this demanding material.

Remedies for brushing the chamois

Folk remedies for chamois shoes often help of there isn’t a necessary spray, time or money within reach. However you slice it, purchased foams and shampoos provide better effect and the shoes are being preserved longer.
You need to buy remedies for brushing the chamois the same day you bought the thing of this material. Because you need to spray it by triple protection layers of nanospray before the first walk. Besides the sal-ammoniac or the ordinary brush cannot always handle the contaminations and then the products of verified brands, such as Salton or Salamander will help.

never treat the shoes by creams that are meant for haircell leather. You will irreparably ruin the thing.

Now the market offers many various names and you need to have one or another barrel depending on the shoes’ season and contaminations’ type.
For example, if the chamois shoes are summer ones and you need to regularly get rid of dust, the eraser for the primary processing will help. Then you can use the special shampoo to wash the shoes.
It is recommended to use foam when there are more serious contaminations, where the brush cannot do anything. You need to give the remedy 10-15 to soak in the stains and remove the stains with the brush very easily.
You need the special remedies for cleaning the chamois in case of steady stains. You can find the spot remover on sale that will deal will every type of contaminations. However, you will need to buy the paint-spray. Because the shoes can lose their color after the use of such remedy.
Always use the verified brands. Analyze the prices and don’t be carried away by temptation to buy less expensive things. Chamois requires the care of high quality.