Where to store the cosmetics

Where to store the cosmetics

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Armory of beauty products is individual for every woman. However, each of those women wants to use her favorite cosmetics as long as possible and she tries to choose the perfect place in the apartment to store the cosmetics.

Where to store the cosmetics in the bathroom

Here is where we must disappoint the seductresses. Storage of cosmetics in the bathroom is forbidden. The thing is that the cream becomes perfect accommodation for bacteria in case of long-term being in the warm room with high humidity. Bathroom conditions provoke the reproduction of microorganisms and the cream action will have the reverse effect. «Fermented» cosmetics might harm your skin.

Where to store the cosmetics in the apartment

Main function of beauty products is to highlight the woman’s allurement and to help the skin. So the beauty is in health, so you need to take the cosmetics as if it’s medication. Choose the right place to store the cosmetics in the apartment.

  • Avoid the direct sunlight on the cosmetic products. Storage place might be the shelf in the closet, drawer, mini-cabinet, jewel-box, toilet case, box under the folding tabletop of the toilet table or on the tabletop itself so that there will be no sunlight.
  • Cosmetics has to be far from radiators, heaters etc. Choose the cool and ventilated place in the house.
fridge isn’t the right place to store the cosmetics.
  • Place, where you store your cosmetics, should be clean and tidy. Do the wet cleaning weekly, get rid of the dust and review your cosmetic products at the same time.

For how long to store the cosmetics

Pay attention to the service life on the package during every revision. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that the numbers tell the period to store the cosmetics for. Periods of validity are there for pressure tight sealed product. If you opened the package and started using the cosmetic product then its service life significantly decreases. Let’s remember the years of life of cosmetics, which are safe for you.

  • Perfumery products. Yes, I’ll surprise you, the perfumery has the service life as well. Maximum life of perfumes is from 1 year to 5 after you start to use them. When the storage life is over, you will see sediment at the bottom and the changed smell of rank butter or dust. It might also happen earlier in case of wrong storage (under the sunrays, in hot room or in the fridge). Dirty spray can reduce the service life of a perfume if there is such a thing. So periodically clean it of the toughened skin and biological skin fat.
  • Creams for skin care. We’ve already found out that they cannot be stored in the bathroom. Let’s figure out the issue with service life. Maximum term of use is 6 months given the following requirements for storage. Tins and tubes must be hermetically sealed. Take the cream out of tin by dint of special spatula. If it wasn’t sold along with the cream then buy it in the chemist’s shop. Don’t forget to wash the spatula with soap after cream application. Don’t throw away the polyethylene lining in the tin, because it’s the additional barrier from the harmful microorganisms’ hit into your system.
if the cream changed its body or color or it began to smell bad, then throw it away in the moment you’ve seen it.

Decorative cosmetics.

  1. Lipstick will serve you 6-9 months under the condition of absence of heat and moisture.
  2. Pressed cosmetics (eye shadows, powder blusher and loose powder) are stored for three years. It’s important to keep the brushes, sponges and applicators for these cosmetics clean.
  3. Boldly use eye-defining pencil for a few years, but don’t forget to process the sharpener by sal-ammoniac periodically.
  4. Mascara is optimized for three months. You won’t have desire to use the cosmetics, which makes clumps on your eyelashes. Resuscitation is pointless, because there is a high possibility that infection gets into your eye with the old mascara.
  5. Nail polishes nicely behave for half or year or 1 year. Here’s the thing, which every woman knows, if there isn’t the expiry date yet and it starts to condense, then special solvents of nail polish will help to provide the nail polish with primary body.
don’t add acetone in the resinous nail polish, cause this solvent will overdry the nail plate and it will lead to nail peeling and fragility.

Health is the main beauty of a woman.