What to do for roses to stand longer

What to do for roses to stand longer

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What to do for roses to stand longer

Every woman will evaluate the bunch of roses. Unfortunately, her joy wouldn’t be long. 1-3 days and these beautiful flowers will start to droop. What do you say if the romantic gift of these royal plants can delight your eye for a week, two or even three? There are simple and verified ways. Don’t know what to do for roses to stand longer? Then this article is for you.

How to preserve the roses longer

Secret of roses’ long life lies in choosing the flowers that were slipped off not so long ago. The plants will help you to determine the level of freshness. There are several leaves around the bud, if they are intense green color and tightly adjoin the petals, then this flower will do.
To know how to preserve the roses longer, you need to know one more nuance. The main enemy of flowers is oxygen, not the one that surrounds them, but the one that lies in the flowing water. You shouldn’t put the bunch the vase straightaway, you better collect the water (additionally boil it first) and let it stand for a while.

not to waste your time, while the water is standing, start to cut the caulis. Besides, it is important to take away all leaves that can turn out to be in the water.

These are far from the last secrets about how to preserve the roses longer. You always need to pay attention to the weather. Sudden swings harm the flowers. So it is necessary to let the roses lie in the room-temperature and then put them in the warm water if there is the freeze. It there is the heat – the water must be cool.
Finally, cutting the caulis. Mitre cut isn’t accidental. The thing is if to make it flat, the caulis will pump into the bottom of vase/tin and the water won’t have access.

What to add in the water for roses

Preparation step is the key factor, but that’s not it. You need to use the chemical substances that can nourish the flowers for roses to stay fresh longer.
What to add in the water for roses? You can use the special chemical additives that are on sale in the flower shops. You can use the domestic remedies also. Take 20-30 g of sugar per 1 liter and the vinegar (approximately 1 tablespoon).

roses are often grown due to the chemical substances. So to prolong the flowers’ life you can add several drops of bleacher.

Beside the nourishing it is important to fight the process of rot, which will start sooner or later. One of the options is to cut the caulis systematically. Aspirin helps very well in such cases, it slows down the rotting of rose’s caulis. You can also use the borax or aluminum sulfate.

How to preserve the roses fresh in bathtub

All above said ways are verified and will help to enjoy the bunch for not less than 2 weeks. To secure the effect, you shouldn’t stop the care. How to preserve the roses fresh in bathtub?
Flowers’ life directly depends on the water. As a rule, you need to change the water at least once in 2-3 days. But for 100% result the water must be changed on a daily basis. Besides, while the new water is standing, wash every rose and vase.
One more moment – constantly spray the plants. Roses love the humidity. The most important thing is for it not to hit the bud.

if you see the drooping flower, you can take the emergency measures. Renew the cut and take into the container with hot water. The liquid gets cold with time and the rose will gladden you by its freshness.

And the last one, but important factor is the choice of place. Look for the place, where the sunrays don’t get to.
Following all rules and advices, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the roses for 1 month!