How to preserve the bananas at home

How to preserve the bananas at home

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How to preserve the bananas at home

One of the most spread oversea fruits are the bananas. Affordable cost, nutritious utility and taste did their part. People buy them gladly and often. However, there is a fly in ointment. They ripen catastrophically fast.
Interesting fact: they are being picked on the plantations when they are still green and underripe. This is necessary and the one possible solution to deliver them to us ripe and not the overripe. Because the process of after-ripening does not stop when the ship rides them.
So the lovers of wholesales need to know how to preserve the bananas at home for them not to go black.

What bananas to buy and how to preserve then

Before you figure out how to keep bananas fresh at home you need to know one nuance. How you need to preserve the purchase depends on what will be on your kitchen table.

There are three types:

  1. Underripe – green;
  2. Ripe – deep yellow color;
  3. Overripe – black marks and dots.
try to avoid the neighborhood of these fruits with the others. You need to separate them even among themselves.

To know how to fight with such disadvantage as the fruits going bad, you need to know its reason. It is the material that causes the fast ripening – ethylene. It goes through the root and spreads all over the fruit. Our task is to avoid the ethylene.
That is why wrap the root of banana by the polyethylene to keep your purchase for a week or two. You need to know where to preserve the bananas for them not to go black. There is no specific perfect place. You need to comply with one condition. Temperature of bananas preservation should vary from +13 to +17 degrees. Lower temperature will be the reason of black dots. And the temperature will speed the ripening up.

choice of the place will help to save the fruits. Drought of room is as important as the temperature. Any moisture will be the reason of putrefaction.

But if you bought the underripe/green bananas in the first place, then they can lie under the certain conditions for minimum 2 weeks. How to keep the bananas green? There are no principal differences of the previous option. Temperature is the same. Thing about the root is still on.

How to preserve the bananas in the fridge

One of the most frequent questions – can I preserve the bananas in the fridge? The answer is yes, but under the certain conditions. The main rule – the fridge is not a place for green bananas. It is, however, a place for the other fruits. You shouldn’t be afraid of black dots. The taste will still be deep.
Can I deepfreeze the bananas for them not to go bad after the purchase? The answer is yes again. But you should put only the overripe fruits, which are preliminary prepared for the freezing.

presoak the cutted lobules in the solution of water and vinegar (4:1) for 2 minutes before the serving to preserve the look as long as possible.

Firstly, you need to peel the bananas and separate them into several portions. Because if you defreeze many fruits at once, you won’t be able to put them back into the freezer and you will have to use them all. To avoid such a trouble, cut the fruits to lobules. You also can make a squash. You can preserve them that way for 1-2 months.

How to speed up the bananas’ after-ripening

Sometimes the soul wants something fruity and you see the underripe fruit on the windowsill. What to do for bananas to ripen quickly? Remember all our actions about the fruit preservation and do everything conversely.
Relieve the root of the polyethylene. Next step – put the fruits out of the basement/cellar, if they preliminary were preserved there. Then you need to lay them out on the table and arm yourself with patience. Nature will do everything in its own. You can put the apple and our oversea fruit in the container to speed the process up.