How to get rid of bad smell in the fridge

How to get rid of bad smell in the fridge

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Bad smell in the fridge not only can sadden the mistress. But also it can force the family members to refuse to eat. So take the emergency measures without putting the issue of bad smell in the fridge into cold storage.

How to get rid of bad smell in the fridge

Reason of acrid odor in the fridge is often a violation of condition of products’ storage and defrosting the aggregate on your own. We don’t even consider a case when you buy outstanding groceries.

store smoked and sausage products in packages, closed containers or in the plastic wrap to avoid the bad smell in the fridge.

Bad smell can come from the old groceries and they became a nursery of bacteria.

Regardless of your choice concerning the method of removal of bad smell in the fridge, review the fridge, find (it won’t be difficult) and get rid of source of the problem before you eliminate the stink.

  • stop the current supply of the fridge and take all products away from there;
  • defrost it;
  • wash all walls and shelves by warm water with the remedy, which you chose to eliminate the smell with.
pay special attention to the drain hole. In most cases, this is the place where the products’ parts accumulate and become the nursery of bacteria.
  • dry everything;
  • treat the walls of freezing aggregate by sponge that is soaked in 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide;
  • rub again by dry duster and leave the equipment to rest with open door for half of hour.

There are several ways to remove the acrid odor from the fridge. Let’s consider the main ones:

Household chemicals.

The most prominent representative of chemicals to remove the bad smell in the fridge is OdorGone. It’s worthy of note that this preparation is successfully used to process the freezing compartments at the meat packing houses. Pay attention to «Indesit», «Smelloff», «TOP HOUSE» in the shops of household chemicals. Necessary condition in the choice of chemicals is presence of matters that destroy harmful bacteria in its composition.

Smells’ absorbent.

  • Fresheners in the shape of balls (three pieces will be enough for 12 months).
  • Fresheners – eggs (singular indicator of temperature in the fridge).
  • Coal dispense absorbent (one filter is enough for two months).
  • Gel absorbent (the best absorbent, I think, due to silver ions in its composition, which make it anti-bacterial).
  • Device with ionizing action. Ionizer’s presence in the fridge for 2-3 minutes per day won’t only remove the smell, but also it will reduce the process of rot. It’s quite the expensive device, but it will serve for a very long time.

Most advanced fridges have an additional function – air ionization. So, happy owners of this household appliance may not worry about acrid odors.

Folk remedies.

Old methods of getting rid of bad smell are effective as well.

So you can use these things while processing the refrigeration unit, which is defrest:

  • water and vinegar in ratio of 1:1.
  • baking soda.
  • sal-ammoniac. 1 teaspoon of sal-ammoniac per 1 liter of water.
  • lemon. Pour 5-6 drops of lemon in any remedy that is meant for cleaning the fridge.
don’t put the groceries in the fridge right after you washed it. Let the fridge run idle for remedy, which you applied to remove the smell, to start working.

If the fridge’s smell doesn’t strike you down, then you can remove the smell without defrosting the aggregate, you can simply put the following products, which absorb the odor, on the shelf:

  • activated carbon. Crush a package of activated carbon until it becomes a powder and put it in the fridge for half of day. There won’t be any smell in 12 hours.
  • onion. Put one half of onion on the top shelf and the second one on the bottom shelf. You might be surprised, but there will be no smell in this household appliance.
  • brown bread. Put fresh pieces of bread on all the shelves and leave them for the night. Don’t forget to throw them away in the morning.
  • lemon. Leave a slice of lemon in the fridge for the day and then enjoy the citrus smell. Make it a rule to wash the fridge two times per year and wash the spilled milk products and sauces straight away, not to store the old products in the fridge and the bad smell in the fridge won’t ruin your new day.