Red wine stains – what to take out with and how to wash

Red wine stains – what to take out with and how to wash

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Wine is the beverage that can be seen on any festive table. It will be appropriate on the romantic date or jubilee celebration. All fine and dandy, but one careless movement and you have obstinate stain.

Of course, you can use the household chemicals. Following the instruction on the label, you will get rid of the stain very easily. But what to do if there isn’t necessary remedy within reach? Everybody knows that if you clean it fast, then it will be easier for you to get rid of the contamination. So folk remedies come to rescue.

Red wine stains – what to take out with and how to wash? First of all, select the way of cleaning according to the color, material and remedies on hand.

Wool and silk

To save the woolen clothing, you need to make a solution of glycerin (is sold in any chemist’s shop) and spirit of wine in ratio 1:1. Treat the stain due to the clean duster or cotton pad. Leave the clothing for two hours and then wash it. Clean the silk thing according to the same principle.

you should begin any cleaning of soaking the stain by the wipes. As we took away some amount of wine that way, we eased our future work.


What to take out a red wine stain with if the clothes are of cotton? You can find a solution in the fridge. Curiously enough, milk will help you. Treat the stain with hot milk and rinse the thing using the liquid soap in 10 minutes.

White and colorful cloth

If the clothes are colorful then the mixture of glycerin and yolk will remove the wine stains. Pour the liquid by eye for approximate ratio to be 1:1. Elaborately intermix it and treat the stains with this matter. Take the remains away and wash the clothing in a few hours.

Speaking of light cloth, you need to use hydrogen peroxide. How to take out a stain of red wine with its help? Just treat the problematic spot and wash the clothing after 20-30 minutes.

if you got the stain on a visit and there is nothing useful within reach, then use the ordinary salt. Pour it on the contamination and the salt crystals will absorb the wine. Sometimes you need to repeat such procedure several times. This recipe helps, if you spill the wine on the furniture.

You can use all above said methods, if the clothing material is very soft and it is strongly forbidden to use the aggressive remedies. However if we speak about the denim fabric or any other that allows the high temperature, there is one efficient method.

How to take out a wine stains using the boiling-hot water? Take the basin or wide bowl. Stretch the product for stain to be at the center and generously pour the boiled water on it. You must repeat the procedure until you achieve the necessary result.