Nitrate tester, eco-tester – what is it

Nitrate tester, eco-tester – what is it

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In pursuit of healthy lifestyle, people often harm themselves more than provide benefit. Spectacular example is the purchase of vegetables not in the season (early cabbage etc.). The thing is that farmers nourish the bed by chemical fertilizer to increase the yield.

Famous nitrates are one pf the elements of such «help» to the plants. Herewith this matter has a property to be accumulated in the vegetables. As a result, our organism suffers. Nitrate tester (there is also such name as eco-tester) – the device that determines what products are safe for us and what products are not.

Nitrate tester – device to estimate the nitrates in the groceries

Device to estimate the nitrates in the vegetables is definitely necessary for every person. But to realize its importance, you need to figure out the consequences of nitrates accumulation by the organism.
What is it? Nitrates are salt that doesn’t constitute a threat in and of itself. However, the nitrites appear in our organism because of metabolism. And this thing is very dangerous because it contains the properties of free radicals. As a result, the serious diseases of gastrointestinal tract appear including the tumorogenesis.
So the device of estimating the nitrates in the groceries isn’t just a trinket what will gather dust on the shelf. This device helps to prevent the serious diseases.

the most dangerous early products are parsley, green onion, watermelon, dill and cabbage. They contain many nitrates, especially in caulis green.

What is the device that estimates the nitrates? This is small square-angled device with dowel, which is stuck into the vegetable or fruit. They can differ by design or set of programs, but the principle of work is the same.

Besides, device to estimate the nitrate content has a range of advantages, which are inherent to any model:

  1. Practically momentary gathering of data;
  2. Compactness;
  3. Accuracy.

Buying the device, you need to consider the several details. Firstly, what the diapason of scale is. Sometimes it doesn’t start with «0» and it means that the information will be less accurate.
Secondly, what set of programs there is. Surplus isn’t always good. So preliminary think through the list of things that you would foremost check.

you can sometimes see the models where there is a pointer scale of estimation. Such devices aren’t practical because the point won’t provide the accurate result anyway. So prefer the digital devices.

Thirdly, what power source there is. Sometimes the device cheapness is determined by cheap power sources. Such purchase with monthly change of batteries will be quite expensive.
Following these simple rules and criteria, you will be able to buy a lot more practical device that corresponds your needs.

Eco-tester – device to estimate the radiation and nitrates

We gained insight on the nitrates and how to determine them in groceries. But the chemicals aren’t the only problem. One more negative factor is radiation. However, you shouldn’t panic because such radiation is everywhere around us and even our organism is a source of one.
You need to worry only in case of surplus of radiation. The eco-tester – device to estimate the radiation and nitrates is meant to secure you. This thing doesn’t differ from the nitrate tester by its functional, the only difference is that the function of estimation of radiation background is added.

Of course, this device is necessary for everybody who cares about his family’s health. You need to understand that this device cannot be cheap. If you want to know accurate estimations then you have to spend some money on that. If you save, this won’t provide you with anything but the big fault.

as an option, you can buy the radiation dosimeter and such device will give more accurate information about the harmful radiation.

Speaking of what to pay attention to when buying, you should pay attention to the same criteria as in case of nitrate tester.