How to remove the mold in the house, apartment

How to remove the mold in the house, apartment

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Mold in the house. These words might not mean anything to someone but there are people that get terrified by those words. What is it? Why it is so important to know how to remove the mold in the house, apartment? This article will answer to every question starting with «Why it appears and what are the consequences?» and ending with «What’s the most effective type of fighting with the mold in the house?».

What the mold in the house is dangerous for

Mold is the simplest mushroom. This means that it likes the moisture. So you most likely find it in bathroom. But fungus on the walls can appear in the living-room too. Besides the high moisture, the stale air is a good factor for mold appearance too.

air the apartment everyday for fungus problem not to bother you. Speaking of air humidity, such device as hygrometer can help to keep this parameter under control.

Fungus very quickly grows in the favorable auspices and can be everywhere in the apartment: on the furniture, clothing or toys. What the mold is dangerous for? Firstly, spore of fungus can get to the organism through lungs. As a consequence, allergic reaction and strong weakening of immune system.
Secondly, fungus is considered harmful for wood and if it’s not removed, the furniture will be ruined. Especially the soft lining, because it’s impossible to remove the mold from it.

How to remove the mold in the apartment

If there is a fungus in your house then take the cleaning seriously. It’s not enough to simply use the duster. You need to clean every square centimeter and then treat the accommodation with protection remedies.

preliminary buy the respirator. Such protection is necessary for spore not to get inside your lungs. It is preferable to work in protection glasses.

How to remove the mold in the apartment? You need to work gradually. Choose any room, glue the exit by the buckram for spore not to get further. Look at every thing and toy. Throw away everything that is strongly affected by fungus.
The next step is furniture. If the product is without lining and there is a fungus on it, then fully comb the mold out and treat the surface.
The walls then. You need to remove the fungus from the surface. Sometimes you have to reach the bricks or concrete even.
Treat the room with the antifungal agents. When 1 room is done, leave it closed until you finish the cleaning of the rest of the apartment.

What to remove the mold with

Algorithm of fighting with the fungus is clear. There is the last question – What to remove the mold with? Fortunately, there are plenty of options.

Antiseptic primer. This option is the most effective. As a rule, it is sold ready to exploit but sometimes it needs to be mixed with the water. Use the brush to spread it on the surface. Treated object has to be fully cleaned of mold.

always use the rubber gloves during the work with toxic materials. If the toxic material got on the skin, then you need to immediately remove it by great amount of flowing water.

Bleacher against the mold. Household chemicals can help even better then remedies from the shop. This remedy is being mixed with the water 1 to 10. It is being spread on the surface by pulverization. But there is one limitation – this remedy doesn’t fit for porous materials.

Acetic against the mold. Affordable and effective method. Take the duster and treat all surfaces by it. This procedure has to be repeated 1-2 times during the next week.

regardless of method, you need to constantly air the apartment and let it be dry all the time after the cleaning.

Hydrogen peroxide against the mold. It is the safe way to fight the fungus just like the acetic. However, you should be careful during the work with the colorful materials. It is spread on the surface by any convenient way. You need to repeat the procedure after several days.

Sal-ammoniac. The main rule of this method is work with open windows! Solution of sal-ammoniac and water is 1 to 1. Spray it on the problematic surface and wash after a few hours.
Baking sodа. One more folk remedy against the mold. Soda is the most safe and comfortable remedy, because it’s not toxic and it doesn’t have the acrid odor. Spread the solution (teaspoon per 1 glass) on the surface using any convenient way.