Lot planting – Useful Tips

Lot planting – Useful Tips

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Buying a country or private residence is only a half of business. Territory around your house also needs a lot of efforts and time. Correct landscape design and lot planting will provide you with esthetic pleasure every day. But what to begin with?


Formula for success is correctly planned territory. You can use the computer programs or carry everything over the paper. At first, everything will be schematic and approximate, but there are key moments that you should pay attention to.

use the existing project of your house. Carry it over your house and all next changes will be easier for you to plan.

If you plan to make an arbor, garage or out shower on the territory then such constructions have to be marked. Don’t forget to follow the scale. Design the pathways then. If you plan to make the illumination along with the pathways or the arbor, don’t forget to preliminary care about the wiring.

When you have the approximate location of additional constructions and pathways on your plan, you can move to the next step – planting of residential yard.

Green planting

As it was said earlier, you will see how much free space there is after the planning on paper. You can follow the suit of minimalism. Make the straight grass-plots and plant several ornamental trees.
Or create the garden! Choose several places where you want to have flowerbeds or mixed borders. Planting stage depends only on your fantasy. You can choose certain theme copying the existing gardens or come up with your style.

sometimes old stuff can be original base for flowerbed. For example, an umbrella, tire or basket.

Don’t forget about the preparation. You need to add the fertilizers before starting such important stage as planting the residential yard. Then tamp the ground in the future flowerbeds, leave it for a month and then start planting.

Additional design elements

Planting of garden plot by your hands is a process not for one week. Supposing the arbors are already constructed on your territory or at least are marked with props. Flowerbeds and lawns are made. Now let’s design the alleys.
You drew on the paper how they should be and let’s do it. You need to remember that the straight lines don’t look very beautiful and esthetically. Make a curve pathway, which will go among the flowers and trees.

Dig the trench of 10 cm and firm the ground. Pour the small gravel or pebble. At the moment, this is the simplest option.
Don’t forget about the electricity. Put several lights along the pathway. This will be especially easy to do if the pathway leads to the arbor or another similar place of rest (bench or flat greensward), where the illumination was provided.
sometimes you can put the lamps of solar batteries over the territory. You can put them at the corners or in the middle of grass, where the wire is difficult to put.

Important part of every garden is water. Landscape design and lot planting will be perfectly added by small artificial pond or fountain.

To follow these recommendation or not to follow is your business. It is important to get creative and put heart into the creation of your yard.