Leaving abroad – what to take along on the work

Leaving abroad – what to take along on the work

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Let’s call things by their proper names. Our economy is a disaster. There is the enormous pit between what we can earn and things that we need to buy. This is the reason of the fact that thousands of people go for earnings. I’m not the exception and I will share very important information with you in this article about what to take abroad without milk-and-water.

Preparation stage

Leaving abroad – isn’t a one-month process. So have patience. If you go to Europe, then learn English while waiting for visa. You’re toast without elementary level of English.
Next advice – no half-legal or illegal trips. You can catch deportation or a serious injury without the insurance, god forbid that! Trust me, you better pay more, officially leave and sleep peacefully.
Go next. Check the agents. Office’s presence doesn’t mean that they won’t stand you up. It’s preferable to work with people only by recommendation of your friends, which have already used this mediator’s services.

What to take abroad

Going for earnings implies a long stay abroad. So many people prepare huge stores and pack several bags. As a result, expensive and uncomfortable trip. From a personal perspective, I will tell what to take along when leaving abroad.


You shouldn’t pack all your wardrobe. Take only those clothes, which correspond the season. I mean, if you leave in summer, then don’t take down-beds. It will be cheaper and more comfortable to buy the lacking clothing here. And you will know what the quality is. You better take the working dress on the saved place. You will likely get a uniform, but not straight away.
One more moment that many people don’t know about. Don’t be lazy when leaving abroad and take crocs. That’s the advice that you will thank me for.

Medicine box

That’s something that you should have with you all the time. Medicine is very expensive abroad. So don’t be lavish of the medicine box. Especially the pills and powders against the cold, cough and snuffles. Also take the activated carbon. Take the analgesic and creams against the stretching and injuries. Bandages, cotton wool, peroxide hydrogen, a lot of plaster.

Household little things

Pack the cup, fork, spoon, plate, pot and pan. You won’t find necessary kitchenware on the place, and even if you do, you probably won’t want to use it.
Besides, leaving abroad you need to take 2 towels and 1-2 bedding sets. Don’t forget to take a needle and cotton. One more important thing. Pack the toothpaste, toothbrush and shavers. In other words, take the basic things for personal care. You don’t need to take gel and shampoo. They take a lot of place and they are quite heavy. They aren’t expensive here.


Everything is simple here. You need to take abroad the amount of food to eat during the week. Take 3 packages of grits and 2 packages of macaroni. Tinned food will also be useful. Take 1 package of soda. The most important thing is spices. They are very expensive, but you will need them for cooking.
Also take the sweets (cookies or candies). Sweets are also expensive abroad. All other things are affordable here and speaking of Europe (I live in Denmark), you can spend 180-200 euro per a person and eat quite well.
I will give one more advice, which you probably won’t find in the Internet. There are always discounts for groceries that cannot lie forever (for example, meat). These discounts begin a week before shelf-life expiration and don’t be afraid to buy them. It’s still a good product of high quality. You will save a significant amount of money due to that.

Leaving abroad – a few words as the conclusion

Don’t worry if you didn’t take something. You can buy the lacking things here. The most important is for you to have passport, work contract and cash + bankcard for a rainy day.
Here’s the last advice for you. Take 1 bottle of alcohol and start to get acquainted with your future colleagues. Being communicative is a key to success and comfortable stay abroad.
Let’s finish at this point. I wish you the nice trip and work without problems!