Kitchenware for the microwave

Kitchenware for the microwave

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Kitchenware is a special talking point for every woman. Spoons, flatware, cups, sauceboats. A mistress will never gaze at this beauty to her heart’s content.

Considering the fact that the kitchenware always keeps up with the times, the kitchenware for the microwave is quite the important question.

Glassware for the microwave

Kitchenware needs to be practical and beautiful. Period. And the kitchenware for the microwave needs to be safe as well. Which is why when you are choosing the plates or cups for the microwave, pay attention to these three factors. But first things first.

Every microwave’s package contains the special plate, it can be glass or ceramic. Is it the kitchenware or not?

  • Option one. You can use this pan as a plate for the heat or for the cooking. But! There is no such mistress, who never breaks anything and the glass pan is at risk group, because you will have to frequently take it out to put the food there and then, after the food is out of the microwave, to wash it and to dry it. Quite troublesome, isn’t it? Furthermore, the microwave’s pan is flat, so you cannot nuke a borsch or soup in it. Plus, the pan without the boards will provide more dirt, so you will have to clean more often. Altogether, this option isn’t appropriate for us, someone might like it though.
kitchenware for the microwave shouldn’t contain any paint in the decoration.
  • Option two. Package of kitchenware for the microwave is the most optimal option that includes safety, beauty and practicality. So we’ll settle upon this option.

Glassware for the microwave is the most popular. But when you come to the shop for the microwave’s package or the glass pan, you understand that there’s a great deal of choice. So read now and choose then.

  • kitchenware of heat-resistant glass. You can use it when you need to nuke the food or to defrost the meat. Standard mode of cooking in the microwave is perfect for this kitchenware. Inasmuch as the glass, which the plate or special pan is made of, is quite thick and tough, the kitchenware usually doesn’t get warm under the impact of microwaves. The hardened glass doesn’t absorb the microwaves and it can withstand a temperature up to 150 degrees.
if you buy the glass heatproof pot, which is up to two liters, then you can use its cover as a pan with the small boards.
  • kitchenware of heatproof glass. Fire-resistant glass pot or plate will be good even under the condition of 300 degrees, but not over. You can boldly cook the grilled chicken in it, to bake the meat and fish, cook the gentlest heated thoroughly cakes in it. And when you take the fragnant dish out of the microwave, then don’t be afraid of getting burned by the kitchenware.
periodically check the glassware for defects and if you find them, don’t put this kitchenware in the microwave.

In general, glassware for the microwave is:

  • convenient. We can watch the level of readiness of the food through the glassware without opening the door.
  • practical. It’s a pleasure to wash the glassware, even if it’s strongly contaminated by fat.
  • resistant to the smells. Glass cannot absorb the kitchen scent.
  • esthetic and beautiful.

Silicone kitchenware for the microwave

You won’t regret having the silicone kitchenware for the microwave in your kitchen armory.

  • your menu will become variegated with new dishes, which you will be able to cook using the silicone forms.
  • main orientation of using the kitchenware of polymer materials is bakery. If the children live in your house, then buy several silicone forms, which can be in the shape of animals, geometric configurations, airplanes, dolls etc.
  • silicone kitchenware withstands sharp temperature jumps in the range of -40 degrees to 240 degrees.
put the silicone mat under the bakery food to heat it in the microwave.
  • Soft and light silicone is easy-to-use and easy-to-store.

Plastic kitchenware for the microwave

We will clarify that the plastic kitchenware for the microwave is needed only to nuke the food. You cannot cook in it.

  • You can nuke the food in the plastic container only when there’s a special marking on it, which looks like three wavy lines or SHF letters.
oval shape of plastic container will provide the even warm-up.
  • Some types of plastic kitchenware are being sold with the covers with holes. You can nuke the food in these containers without taking the cover off. If there are no holes in the cover, then take the cover off before the nuking.
  • Price of the plastic has an obvious advantage over the price of glass or ceramic kitchenware.

Now when you are armed with the new knowledge, you are ready to buy the kitchenware for the microwave.