Kitchenware for sushi

Kitchenware for sushi

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«Honey, we’re having sushi for dinner». This phrase won’t surprise anyone these days. Japanese cuisine delivery service works like a charm. And the phrase «My love, I will cook sushi tonight, but I need the kitchenware for sushi» will cause interest.

He is a lucky man if this lady has an eye for cuisine of the Land of the rising Sun.


Dish set for sushi

Let us go further. It’s not so hard to cook sushi. We don’t take into account sushi with puffer fish. It’s not our thing. Internet dapples with videos about how to cook sushi and maki correctly. So, necessary ingredients, five minutes of video and it turns out that we need a dish set for sushi.

Special approach to the cooking and serving the food is representative for Japanese culture. Unbelievable number and variety of kitchenware drives to dizziness. But you decided to surprise your better half with Japanese charm, so bite on that:

  • Pot. We won’t lumber your mind with the Japanese name of special roll for the rice stirring. Pot, which you will cook the rice in, should be thick and it mustn’t be metallic.
  • Makisu. Special small mat, which is made of bamboo sticks, is meant to roll the maki of perfect shape. Light bamboo sticks evenly bear pressure upon rice during the rolling.
while buying makisu, pay attention to the width of bamboo sticks and choose the wide ones.


  • Chopsticks for sushi (hashi). Chopsticks of wood are the indispensable attribute, which will add the entourage in your family dinner. Use the chopsticks for dummies with the special elastics on the tip if you’re the newcomer. There’s no necessity to dwell on this subject if you are the specialist in eating sushi and maki.
if the stronger part of your family can’t learn to eat with chopsticks, then keep in mind that Japanese etiquette allows man to eat using his hands.


  • Hashi oki (trivet for chopsticks). During the dinner, when you want to talk of this and that, it would be correctly to put hashi on hashi oki.
  • Sauceboat. Pour the soy sauce in the ceramic sauceboat, which is meant to dunk sushi in. Sauceboat is short and has flat edges, which is extremely comfortable.
cover makisu with kitchen film before the cooking for mat to serve you longer.

Flat plate or trivet of wood to serve sushi or maki. There are many options of «plate to serve sushi». It can be flat with small boards or it can be buckled. Plate, which is separated to sections by internal partitions, is quite interesting. In this case, you can do without the sauceboat because one of the sections is used for soy sauce, second is used for wasabi and third is used for gari (pickled ginger).

The biggest section should be taken by sushi or maki. Wooden trivet is just a simple tablet. To be honest, nothing interesting.

Here are some niceties, which you should consider while choosing the kitchenware for sushi and maki.

  • color grade of kitchen for sushi should be soft and lean. Japanese kitchenware combines three traditional colors – black, white and red. Ceramic kitchenware is of soft natural brown color.
  • dish set can contain kitchenware, which is different by shape. But the kitchenware’s edges need to be smooth and slightly curved. Pay attention that edges of square plate or pan mustn’t be peak.

Everything is simple as you see, roll the maki on makisu, put them on the plate, add the soy sauce, wasabi and gari. Put this Japanese beauty on the table, where hashi is waiting on hashi oki. Gloat your husband eating sushi and maki by his hands putting hashi aside and wait for him to say: «Arigato!».