What is the humidifier for

What is the humidifier for

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What is the humidifier for

There are hundreds of various facilities to ease and improve our life
these days. The humidifier is one of them. But what such purchase provides us
with? What is the humidifier for? Let’s understand it together.

Is the humidifier necessary at home

To begin with, every potential buyer wonders is the humidifier necessary
at home? We managed without it somehow earlier.
However, any doctor will tell that it is necessary. Because the humidity level isn’t the last factor, which the human’s health depends on. The thing is, the drought around us negatively influences on our mucous membranes. And they in their turn are natural filters of our organism from any infection (ARD etc.). The skin also suffers, not only the mucous membrane.

hygrometer will help to make a conclusion about the necessity
of humidifier. This measuring facility will tell what humidity level is in the

However the humidity is a parameter that is necessary not only for a
human, but also for everything that surrounds us. For example, the wooden furniture. It shrivel in due course in any case. And the drought around us only speeds this process up. Lovers of plants should have the humidifier too. Especially those, who have plenty of exotic flowers that need the humidity. There are many of such examples.
Besides, it can be used as an aromatherapy or preventive measures of various diseases. You need to pour several drops of essential oils or herb brew to the water.
Is the humidifier necessary at home? Certainly. Especially this problem becomes critical when the cold comes. The thing is the convectors, radiators and similar aggregates dry the air even more. The humidity goes down to the critical level. And this in its turn is one of the reasons of frequent diseases in this period.

There is an alternative if you don’t want to buy this facility,
but you care about the humidity level. Do the wet cleaning everyday.

There is one more advantage of the humidifier – it is safe. The
principle of work is simple and it lies in the fact that the water fumes inside.
And by dint of ventilator, the air comes inside of the facility and flows
through the steam. Humifying comes this way. Traditional and ultrasound
facilities work by this principle. The temperature of such humidifiers does not
go beyond 35 degrees!
You can also find the steam-driven facilities on sale. Their
principle of work is simple. The water boils in the special container and then fumes.
However, they are not so profitable in terms of energy expenditure as the traditional
or ultrasound ones.

Normal humidity in the apartment

To buy the humidifier and to take it home is only half the battle.
You need to set it and to do so you need to know two things:

  1. Humidity level of the room at this moment;
  2. Normal humidity.
    To answer the first question you need to buy a hygrometer (sometimes they
    are completed with the humidifier). The next step is to set a facility to the
    necessary humidity level. It depends on what is located in the room.
put the humidifier in the place with the highest air circulation for bigger effect. For example, closer to the window or to the doorway.

Normal humidity in the apartment for a human mustn’t get lower than 40%. Besides, you need to consider the highest edge also. It is undesirable for humidity level to get higher than 65%.
For wood (parquet, furniture etc.) and for equipment the norm is approximately the same. Humidity should not be lower than 40%. The highest edge is 60%.
Requirements are a little bit higher for the plants. Normal
humidity in the apartment for them varies from 50% to 75%.
Thus, we make the ingenious conclusion. «Happy medium» for you and
everything that is in the apartment will be about 50-55% humidity level.