How to correctly wash the windows without the stains

How to correctly wash the windows without the stains

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It is necessary to clean the apartment by broom and duster couple of times a week. But the big cleaning up should be made couple of times a year. Everything is being brushed and cleaned this day.

However, there are processes, which everybody tries to avoid. For example, the windows. It seems an easy work, but the stains and doing this job over and over again makes this cleaning unbearable. Sounds familiar? This article will help to figure out how to correctly wash the windows without the stains.

What to clean the windows with

You need to have a lot of dry dusters. And you have to buy 2 sponges (1 for internal side and one for external one). It is perfect if you have special scraper (wiper), but if don’t, you can replace it by flannel cloth. And don’t forget about the deep container for water.

choose the cloudy weather to clean the windows. Direct impact of rays will make the cleaning without stains impossible.

Speaking of detergents, they can be separated to 2 categories. First one is domestic, for example, sal-ammoniac or chalk. Second group is shops’ chemicals. What to clean the windows with? The choice is yours. The result will be the same anyway, the only difference is price.

How to wash the window without the stains

To begin with, take everything away from the windowsill and start with the frame. You always need to start with the frame and pay special attention to the joint with the glass.

Soak the sponge in the soap solution and treat the entire window. If it is very dirty, then the pressure can be light. Wash the soapy surface by the wiper. You need to move horizontally with small angle of slope.

you can remove the detergent by crumpled newspaper. Such paper perfectly absorbs the moisture.

How to wash the window without the stains? Don’t forget to rub the wiper every time. If you don’t have any, then use the duster. The secret is that when it gets wet, take another one, which is dry.

Remedy to wash the windows

Synthetical shops’ solutions and pastes are extremely good at it. But they might not always be within reach. Remedy to wash the windows made by your hands will help you in this case.

We will tell about the most popular recipes of clean glasses:

  1. Use the mixture of crushed chalk and water. There must be the paste, treat the windows with it. Wait for them to dry and remove the remains by clean duster;
  2. Tablespoon of starch per liter of water is another effective method;
  3. Solution of sal-ammoniac and water in ratio 1:10;
  4. Original option is yellow onion. Cut it to two pieces and rub the surface with the humid side.

Last step of each option is the same. Treat the windows by acetic solution. This liquid will help to brush flies away from the clean glasses for a really long time.

Cleaning the plastic windows

Unlike the wooden frames, reinforced-plastic structures require the special care. First of all, avoid the abrasive powders and too rough brushes/sponges. They can harm the plastic base.

Speaking of glasses, cleaning the plastic windows doesn’t differ from cleaning the wooden ones. The difference is in care of furniture and rubber gaskets.

pay special attention to the drain holes. They are meant for humidity withdrawal and there is always a lot of dirt.

Wash all the metallic loops, give them a wipe and treat them with WD-40 lubricator, for example. Treat the weather strips with the special matter, which helps to prolong the service life of details that are made of rubber. You can find them in many appliance shops.

How to wash the windows from the outside

If you live at the first or second floor, then there mustn’t be any problems with window cleaning. What to do if your apartment is on 5 or 9 floor? How to wash the windows from the outside?

The easiest way is to buy the special wiper with the long handling. You can also use the wooden mop, but don’t forget to change the dusters all the time. You need to wash the surface with dry and clean cloth to get the result.

The most important thing is safety net. Never neglect the safety technique. Don’t fall back on the glasses. The stool or chair always has to stand steady. Don’t risk to reach the far corners. If there is such necessity then secure yourself. Call another man for help, he can hold you.

How to quickly wash the louver-boards on the windows

How to quickly wash the louver-boards on the windows? Take them off first. They are usually on the simple clicks.
Put them on the flat surface. Treat them with soap solution. Take them to the bathroom and wash them by shower to remove the soap.