How to wash the mirror without stains

How to wash the mirror without stains

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Mirrors hold the reins of our apartments and houses. They are the reflections of our nature. As pompously as it sounds, the condition of mirrors is extremely valuable for your home’s coziness.

So any self-respecting mistress needs to know how to wash the mirror without stains.

How to wash the mirror without stains

There’s nothing essentially difficult in cleaning the mirrors in the apartment. However, the result of mirror’s cleaning depends not on the rubbing of mirror by wet duster and not on removal of dust and contaminations, but on the absence of stains after the cleaning. Sliding door wardrobe’s mirrors cause the special trouble, there sometimes can be 2-meter mirrors. Let’s consistently discover how to wash the mirror without stains correctly.

  • Wash away the dust of mirror with the water. Use the ordinary warm water for it. Remove the dust from the mirror with wet cloth or foam plastic starting with the top.
  • Next stage of procedure called «How to wash the mirror without stains» will be the mirror’s cleaning of the dirt. Rinse the duster, change the water and add the detergent there. It can be the liquid laundry powder, detergent for dishes or shampoo. Everything that doesn’t contain abrasive particles. Elaborately rub the fingerprints, dirty stains and waste products of insects.
  • Wash away the soap solution with clean water. Do that carefully or you risk adding the soapy stains on the surface. Change the water couple of times or repeat rinsing the duster in the bathroom or kitchen if it’s more convenient for you.
you can only use soft detergents to wash the mirror, otherwise there will be scratches left.
  • Conclusion of this mirror procedure would be the washing with boiled water.
  • Dry the mirror with wipe of microfiber or ordinary newspaper. Paper towel or toilet paper are nice too but they leave the small fluff on the surface. And they can be unnoticed if the sunrays or the light in the apartment don’t get the mirror. Nevertheless, these woolliness and hairiness of your mirror will catch the eye.

Finally, the remedies, which make the mirror shine. Many household chemicals can rub the mirror until it shines and don’t leave stains on it.:

  • All remedies, which are meant to wash the glass, will do for cleaning the mirror, for example «Mister Muscle», «Grunex», «Help» and such chemicals of professional use as «Specter Profi» will also provide the mirror with antistatic effect.
microfiber wipe can be perfectly replaced by nylon tights (density of tights doesn’t matter).
  • Liquid that is meant to clean the monitors quite effectively makes the mirror shine without stains.

How to wash the mirror at home

It’s very easy to refuse the cleaning of mirrors with household chemical entities, let’s consider all methods to wash the mirror at home.
Folk remedies are folk because they’ve been verified for decades and taken on board by many generations. Why are we worse?

  • Pour the sal-ammoniac in boiled water. Just one tablespoon of sal-ammoniac per 250 g of water. Spray this spirit water on the mirror and rub it with wipe or tights (remember?).
  • Extract of tea with tablespoon of salt will make the mirrors shine. Application technique is the same or by dint of cloth. Dry it then.
  • Vegetables are also the good helpers at home. Rub the mirror with chopped potato, wash it by the water and dry it. It’s worthy of note that potato will not only repolish the mirror, but also will remove the dirt of the surface.
onion can get rid of fly marks on the mirror, you need to rub the mirror with it and dry the mirror after ten minutes. Onion smell will continue to scare the insects away.
  • Clean your mirror in the bathroom of the lime scale by water and vinegar (1:1). Rub it with dry microfiber, newspaper or toilet paper.
  • Soak the duster in the milk and clean the mirror in circular motion, and dry it.
mirror in the bathroom won’t sweat if you rub it with solution of water and vinegar (5 tablespoons of vinegar per half of liter of water).

You’ll see how beautiful and cozy your house is, when you clean your mirrors.