How to wash the curtains

How to wash the curtains

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Such element of interior as curtains completes the look of room and creates the certain coziness. However, just like the carpet, they gather a lot of dust on the surfaces, which we breathe later. You have to wash the curtains from time to time to avoid that. And you need to do this not only after the winter, but also at least once in 3-4 months. This article will reveal how to wash the curtains and will clarify many nuances.

How to wash the curtains without taking them down

Cleaning of the curtains is quite painstaking job and every mistress delays this moment as much as she can. Fortunately, radical measures aren’t always necessary. There is a simple way to wash the curtains without taking them down.
We want to say that there’s nothing more effective than the washing in washing machine and the hanging option is appropriate only as intermediate among the big cleanings.

shake the curtains periodically to remove the dust. This procedure will help to gain time before the big washing.

You will need the steamer and several clean dusters to clean the curtains without taking them down. Steam will help to deal with many stains and contaminations. Nevertheless, they won’t disappear, they will only be spread all over the fabric. You need to rub the cloth by wet duster and then by dry one. Thus, you will get maximally effective result.

If you’re the owner of Roman blindes, than things are more simple. You can clean them by ordinary vacuum cleaner. It’s important not to use maximum power in order not to ruin the material. Rub the blindes by the cloth as well.

How to wash the curtains in the washing machine

If it’s time to do the big cleaning, then there are several simple rules to wash the curtains in the washing machine. One of them is not to overwork the drum. Don’t try to wash all curtains and bobbinet from one room or even from the whole apartment at a stroke. Be ready for several cycles of the washing if you don’t want to see the detergent stains.

Next rule – separate the wheat from the chaff. What does it mean? Everything is simple. Wash the bobbinet separately from the curtains. This concerns the type of fabric either. If you have different materials in different rooms, you have to wash them separately.

don’t use powders. Liquid detergent will be the best choice. It’s easily being washed away from every type of fabric.

Choose the mode and temperature of laundry according to the type of fabric. For example, choose the delicate washing if you have silk. Regardless of the fabric, turn the additional rinse in the end. If such function is absent, then wash again but without the detergent this time.

How to wash the curtains of thread in the washing machine

Curtains of thread are considered quite fashionable and original decoration. They really look beautiful and they aren’t a dust collector. But the cleaning can turn out to be the nightmare if the curtain gets tangled. How to wash the curtains of thread in the washing machine? Fortunately, there is one trick.

You need to separate the product to several strips and twine a few bunches, then put them in the special bag and put this bag in the drum. The most important thing is the choice of mode. Delicate one without the extraction perfectly fits this type of curtains. Then hang the product on the curtain rod and untangle it only after it’s dry.

How to wash the eyelet curtains in the washing machine

One more quite difficult event is the washing of eyelet curtains. The thing is that eyelets might damage the drum. So you need to know how to wash the eyelet curtains in the washing machine.

You have to put the curtains in the bag and wash them this way. However, there are several nuances. Firstly, no extraction in the end. Secondly, minimal number of rotations (especially the metallic eyelets). Thirdly, you need to mop the eyelets dry right after the washing.

if the curtain nets are made of cheap plastic, then try to remove them, cause the washing can be fatal for them.