How to wash the rust away

How to wash the rust away

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Every mistress is often ready to fight the stains of wine, dirt, fat. But sometimes the contaminations can be nonstandard. We talk about the rust stains. People, who faced this trouble, know that they are hard to fight with. This article will reveal how to wash the rust away.

How to wash the rust away of the white clothes

It was preliminary said that it is difficult to remove the rust. It strongly eats in the cloth and often only aggressive matters (acids) can help. This is the reason why it’s easier to remove such contamination of the white clothes.

How to wash the rust away of the white clothes? These things can help you:

  1. Lemon juice;
  2. Lemon acid;
  3. Oxalic acid;
  4. Wine vinegar.

Considering the fact that you will have to work with acids, you should protect yourself from the aggressive matters. Work in rubber gloves in order to do so.

washing should be the final step. Main condition is fully removed contamination. Otherwise, the contamination will spread all over the product.

You will need the concentrate of lemon juice for one of the cleaning methods. Heat it to 60-70 degrees. Treat the stain with this liquid. Contamination will be dissolved by itself. Last step is to rinse the clothing very well.

If you have lemon acid, then you will need a little bit (one tenth of teaspoon) per glass of water. Heat the liquid and treat the stain with it. But how to wash the rust away of the white clothes using other types of acid?

If you bought a wine vinegar, then add salt and a little bit of water to it to make a paste. Spread it on the problematic spot and wait for contamination to resolve. Then rinse and wash the clothing. If you have the oxalic acid to fight the rust, then the operational procedures are the same as in case of the lemon acid. Heat, treat, rinse, wash.

How to wash the rust away of the colorful clothes

Dealing with the colorful elements of wardrobe is harder. It is difficult to remove the rust without making the colors faded. But don’t despair. There are two methods to wash the rust away of the colorful clothes and preserve the good look.

Method №1. Take glycerin and chalk. Mix them in the water until there will be the paste. Leave the clothes for 12 hours (maybe longer). Then rinse the product and repeat the procedure if the stain is still there, but faded.

if you failed to remove the stain on the colorful clothing, then you shouldn’t experiment with the acids and give this work to professionals from the dry cleaners.

Method №2. You will need the vinegar acid here. Here are the proportions – tablespoon of vinegar per liter of water. Pour received solution in the basin and soak the product for the night. Rinse the clothing in the morning.