How to stretch a woolen sweater, which shrank after the washing

How to stretch a woolen sweater, which shrank after the washing

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How to stretch a woolen sweater, which shrank after the washing

Practically everybody has in his wardrobe the product of natural wool. However, this clothing’s care calls for special attention. Sometimes the inexpert cleaning can store up future problems. So you should have the sleights in your knowledge box about how to stretch the woolen sweater, which shrank after the washing.

What the reasons are

More often than not, the owners wonder when pulling the clothing out of the washing machine, «The woolen sweater shrank after the washing, what to do?» But the reason of such questions is, as a rule, a negligence and unwillingness to read the information on the label.

First mistake – choosing the detergent. Corrosive substances will ruin the product, so try to choose the detergent that is meant for wool.

Second mistake is washing by dint of domestic appliances. Sweater shrinks due to the temperature difference, which occurs during the laundry. Which is why you should do everything by hands and the clothing will serve you much longer.

How to recover the stretched sweater

What to do if the sweater shrank after the washing? Don’t worry, there are several methods to repair the consequences of inexpert washing.

You should damp the sweater by cold water from the dispenser, horizontally lay it on any smooth surface and cover it with cotton cloth. The secret is in a fume. You should carefully unfold it in different sides when directing the fume on it. It is important not to make a mistake – not to touch the sweater with an iron. Then the clothing dries up without the drier and other heaters.

try to wash the woolen clothing rarely. In case of contamination, get rid of strains locally.

There is a second way to solve the problem «sweater shrank how to stretch» – repeated washing.
Pour 100 ml in a tub or basin, where the damaged product lies. Wash it by hands and give it a rinse, getting rid of detergent’s fatness. Hang the clothing on the hanger and squeeze the sleeves out. Then carefully stretch it by hands.

If the question «The sweater shrank after the laundry, what to do?» is still current, you can fall back upon the solution that is based on the spirits. These liquids make the wool more elastic, which allows to provide the wardrobe element with the necessary shape.

You need to pour the water, spoon of spirits and spoon of turpentine into the tank for that. Also add three spoons of sal-ammoniac (everything is measured in tablespoons). Stir thoroughly and presoak the sweater for a half of hour. You need to pour the water into the tank for that (a few liters). Towel will help you to squeeze the product out. Then you need to start to carefully stretch it by hands.

if you don’t have the necessary ingredients within reach, but the question how to stretch the sweater that shrank after the washing is sensitive, then you can use another method. Take a few spoons of peroxide per 8-10 liters of water.

How to wash the sweater correctly

For your browsing history not to spangle with requests like «The woolen clothing shrank, what to do» you need to know a simple rule. As it was said, you need to wash it by hands in the cold water and use the soft detergents.

if during the drying it turned out that the clothing still shrinks, then you can use clasps or other similar objects. Anchor this thing along the perimeter to the surface and let it dry further.

Key factor of the following stage – rinse cycle is a water temperature. It should be exactly the same as it was during the washing. Violation of this simple rule can lead to the product damage.

You need to let the sweater lie on the surface for the correct drying. Put the cloth under the product, this cloth need to be changed as far as it gets wet.