How to store the greens

How to store the greens

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Amazing source of vitamins, which adds the special taste to every dish, is always within mistress’s reach. Green dill, parsley, spinach, cilantro, green onion, mint sprig, tarragon and many other aromatic and tasty herbs are always desirable in every kitchen.

You want to provide your family with vitamins for as long as you can. The question how to store the greens is quite current, especially in summer.

How to store the greens for them not to wither

Sprigs and leaves of any greens, which even for a short term are under the sunlight or in warmth, start to droop. Moreover, knowing that greens lose their vitamins when they droop, we look for methods to store the greens for them not to wither.

Our grandmas’ experience on saving the greens from dropping, which has been gained for decades, will be come in useful now. You can provide the greens with one-week freshness if you:

  • put the unwashed greens in dry pot and cover it with top. Blocking the air access, you will be able to enjoy not only taste, but also smell of greens for several days.
  • put the slipped off or bought on the bazaar parsley or dill in the cup or jar with cold water. Such lovely bouquet will satisfy your eye let alone the long preservation.
if you put the greens in glass of water, then remove the lower sprigs, this allow you to avoid the rot of greens.
  • wrap the greens with wet cotton towel or wet paper and put them in the dark and cool place. Such method will be useful for you in case of long transportation of green vitamins.
  • peculiar store place of greens is the leaves of cabbage and button. Wrap the greens with cabbage leaf or button leaf and hide them from direct sunrays.

How to keep the greens fresh in the fridge

Sometimes it’s so good to spoil yourself with something tasty and light in the evenings. Then salads step into the bridge, where you need to add greens according to your taste. Fragrant, fresh, spicy greens (mouth waters) – are the guarantee of tasty and useful food.

So your greens will be constantly fresh if you use fridge to store them. Let’s talk about how to keep the greens fresh in the fridge?
It’s not enough to put the greens in the fridge. Of course, you will take dill and parsley out of the fridge and cook them for a few days. But you will have to sort them because some of them will rot, the sprigs, which were on the bottom, will go yellow due to the lack of light and the rest will look poor.

Let’s find out how to store the greens in the fridge correctly.

don’t wash the greens before the storage for them to remain fresh!

Sort all the greens before the storage. Get rid of yellow sprigs and leaves. Put damaged and torn, nevertheless fresh ones aside. You will cook them first. Tail them and put the rest in the nice bouquets, sprig to sprig, leaf to leaf. Choose appropriate way of storage then:

  • plastic bag. This will allow you to keep the greens fresh for seven days at most. If you refill the vitamins for your family weekly, then this way will be enough.
  • vacuum container of hermetically sealed glass jar. Put the greens in clean and dry containers and out them on the lower shelf of the fridge.
  • wet cotton dish-cloth. Wrap the greens in the towel, then put them in the plastic bag and in the fridge.
reanimation of withered greens is possible if you put them in the pot with cold water for ten minutes and add ice there.
  • jar with water. This way is interesting because in this case, the greens won’t become broken and you will be able to use them not only to cook, but also to decorate the dishes with them. Put the greens in the jar with water and put it on the shelf in the fridge. It’s very convenient.
  • chopped greens. If you constantly add let’s say dill in your dishes, you can keep it fresh. To do so, you need not only to sort the sprigs, but also to wash them. Dry them on the towel after that. Chop them with knife as you usually do that. Then, put the greens in the clean and dry container in the fridge and use them as the case may require. Just don’t forget to screw the lid onto the container.

Storage of greens in their original look is impossible and unnecessary. The greens are being dried or frozen for this purpose.