How to store the spices

How to store the spices

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Every mistress has her own recipes that she adds her family’s favorite spices in. She does it so adroitly that her family members have no idea what exactly provides the dish with delicate taste and unforgettable flavor. And the spices are the ever-living source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and many other useful properties.

Every kitchen contains its own unique set of spices and mistresses sooner or later start to think how to store the spices for them not to lose their flavor and health properties.

How to store the spices in the kitchen

Our kitchen is a specific place. Far from everyone can brag about big dimensions of this room. So mistresses love when everything is within reach. Especially spices. Rational and correct storage of spices in the kitchen will allow to tinker at the food without worrying about the loss of taste properties.

Every spice has its own shelf life. Remember the main ones:

  1. Milled spices and blends don’t lose their taste properties for a year;
  2. Flavoring herbs – for two years;
  3. Fruits, nuts and berries can gladden you with their natural taste for three years;
  4. Spices seed and the whole roots are stored for four years.
put the finely chopped flavoring herbs in the ice tray, pour a little bit of water and freeze it. Put the frozen blocks in the barrier bag and use it to cook the hot dishes.

Create the perfect conditions for spices not to lose their taste and flavor:

  1. Containers to store the spices should be hermetically sealed and they has to be made of glass or ceramic;
  2. Store the spices far from the heat source – a stove. Temperature drops speed up the loss of flavor properties, so don’t put the cans with spices even in cabinet over the extraction hood;
  3. Spices don’t like the moisture because they can dampen, so you shouldn’t store them near the kitchen sink;
  4. Loss of spices’ useful properties due to the sunlight is also possible. Ceramic containers protect the fragrant seasoning from the light and the glass jars should be on shelf in the kitchen-cupboard.
red pepper and chilly will perfectly preserve their taste and color, if they’re stored in the fridge.

Whole spices are being stored longer. Peppercorn doesn’t lose its taste properties for a long time and the cracked pepper on the contrary. So don’t mill the pepper for keeping, only as and when necessary or in the process of food cooking.

How to store the spices in the bags

We buy the spices, which we use in the kitchen, predominantly packed in the bags. Is the preservation of taste properties of the spices, when they’re packed, possible? Yes, it is because there is less than 10 g of each spice and it’s being spent quite quickly but once again if you know how to store the spices in the bags.

Storage of all spice bags in big polyethylene bag will be the worst idea. Throw it away. Remember everything that you found out about above and use this method of packing the spices: take them far from the stove, water and light. Then the choice is yours, you can keep them on the shelf or on the table in the dark place.

Pay attention to the economical option – containers or baskets for the bags with spices, because the spice bags don’t look very pretty. It’s beautiful, convenient, everything is near at hand. It’s important for you to remember that torn open bag mustn’t be open. Fold the upper edge of the bag and fasten off the bend spot by paper fastener or binder. It won’t be difficult for imaginative natures or mommies with their kids to make the jars or spices with their own hands.

No matter what you store your favorite spices in, provide them with correct conditions and then the seasonings will always share their original taste and unforgettable flavor with you.