How to correctly preserve the mink coat in the summer

How to correctly preserve the mink coat in the summer

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How to correctly preserve the mink coat in the summer

Gladdened yourself with a fashionable mink coat recently? For sure, you want for it to serve longer and gladden you by its luxury bright look. You need to know how to preserve a mink coat in summer and in winter for it not to lose its shine and presentable look.
It is important to understand that natural fur is organic, it can change its structure affected by many factors: temperature, moisture, smells, sunrays and the others. We will tell in details how to correctly preserve the mink coat for it to gladden you for long years.

Coat care in winter season

It is important to treat the coat with due care. Knowing several elementary rules, you can avoid the mistakes, which are fatal to your favorite product.

  1. Never dry the coat near to the heaters or all the more so by the hair dryer. This will lead to the fact that the inner side of hide will dry and the fluff will be fragile. If the product is wet of rain or snow, just shake it up, hang it on the hanger and let it dry in room temperature.
  2. Stop using the heavy bags on the shoulder, better stop using any bags at all. Constant attrition of the belt in one place leads to the fact that it wears away and the bald patches appear on it.
  1. Avoid the perfumes, hair sprays or other remedies on the fur.
  2. You should not preserve the product (especially, the light one) at the bright day light because it might grow dim.
  3. Avoid the walking-out in the coat during the snow or rain. It does not like the excess water. Alternative option is to use the umbrella.

Coat’s preparation for the preservation

Taking away the coat to the closet for summer, you should properly prepare it.
To begin with, it should be clean. Preferably take it to the dry-cleaner or carefully clear it on your own, preliminary find out how this should be done. If there are problematic strains, you should address to the professionals and not risk the expensive clothing.
Aerate the coat in dark, cool and clean place during 1-2 days. Comb it by special fur brush. If there isn’t one, then use firstly the metallic brush with thin bristles and secondly the soft hairy comb.
Examine the product and assure that there isn’t any damage on it. If there are, you better neutralize it before you send your coat to the «summer vacation». You will hardly like to wait your queue in tailor at the beginning of the next cold season and to mess yourself about the problems that you forgot about a long time ago.

How to correctly preserve the mink coat in the closet in summer

Fighting with mole

As of today there is a big variety of remedies that protect the natural fur from the destructive insect. But not every one of them should be preferred.
Stop using the aerosols. The thing is the fur takes the smell in very well (that is why you should not make a puff on it by anything). In due course, these smells might become foul.
Such grandmother’s method as athe tobacco and naphthalene become not current as well, because the pills saturate the product with foul pungent smell, which is very difficult to get rid of, if it is even possible.
You better use the tissue bags that contain certain materials. They have nice or neutral smell. You can also use the special pills.
There is one more option for lovers of natural remedies: take the orange peel, mint sprig, sage and lavender. Such smells push the mole off, but they saturate the product as well. Besides, these remedies must be frequently changed.
Garment bag

You need to put the product away in dark and unstuffy place far from the sunrays. There are special dark garment covers that are meant for the fur products preservation.
You don’t need to buy the finished garment cover, you can produce it yourself of the dark dense texture. The main thing is for material to blow. Besides, don’t you dare preserving the coat in polyethylene. Cotton and flax will do. Pay attention to the painting of tissue, which the cover is made of. It mustn’t fade, otherwise it will ruin the product.
General recommendations of preserving the coat in the closet in summer

  1. Hang the product on the broad hanger (preferably the one, which you could receive in the boutique, when you bought the coat). Alternatively, you can look for the applicable hanger for the fur coats.
  2. Coat must be preserved in the spacious place, nothing must restrain or press it. It must breathe.
  3. «Air it out» once in 3-4 months: take it to the fresh room, where there is enough of oxygen and change the bags against the mole.
  4. Don’t preserve the product near to the heaters or in the very humid environment.
    Following these simple advices, you will be able to wear your favorite clothing for a decade without any problems and it will look fresh and bright.