How to scale a herring

How to scale a herring

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Young mistresses buy the ready-to-eat herring filet. But before long they decide in favor of the whole fish.

We won’t pitch upon the difference between the ready-to eat filet and fish trunk, we will just tell how to scale a herring.

How to scale a herring quickly

Herring scale won’t cause a panic attack, because the quick scale of a herring is within every mistress’s scope of abilities.
Get on with it!

  • Warmly welcome the herring trunk, which got into your house, – wash it.
  • Take the sharpest knife in your house to scale it. It would be nice to have the special knife for the fish in your house.
  • Put the herring on the chopping board (buy the particular board for the fish), which is preparatory covered with the kitchen film or paper. We all remember our mothers and grandmothers, while scaling the fish, laying the newspaper under it. However, trust me, there’s nothing good in printing ink, which gets on your herring. You need to know how to scale a herring correctly.
  • Cut off the herring’s head (we are asking the nervous to head off). Put the point of knife in the herring’s anus and cut the belly towards the place, where head used to be.
  • Gut the herring’s belly and extract all the entrails. Check carefully whether the herring is female, because in this case you get the bonus in the form of roe. If there isn’t any roe, then throw the entrails away.
put the head, entrails, fins, bones and skin of the herring in the separate bag and take it out of the house as quickly as possible, because there might be bad odor left.
  • Cut off the abdominal and anal fins. Use the kitchen scissors or sharp knife.
  • Now wash the herring with the flowing water. Turn it around and carefully peel off the dark tape on each side and inside on chine with the knife. Finally wash the fish trunk.
  • Change the paper on the chopping board and put the clean herring on it. Cut the fish on the chine from head to tail. Cut off the fin on the spine. If you made the cut on the chine, which is deep enough, then the spine fin can be pulled out by hands.
you can get rid of the herring smell on your hands by greasing the hands with sunflower oil or lemon. It’s better to put on the gloves while scaling the fish.
  • Hook on the fish-skin with the knife from any convenient side (I do this from the head), put the finger under the skin and take it off the trunk.
  • Herring is ready. The process of scaling the fish all together will take four-five minutes.

How to scale a herring quickly and to get rid of the bones at the same time

If you like to eat the herring in pieces, strewed with the onion, poured with the sunflower oil and vinegar, then you just need to cut the trunk by pieces a la carte. Nevertheless, not every child, even not every adult likes to pick out the bones from the fish. So drive this home and remember the methods to scale a herring quickly and to get rid of the bones at the same time.

  • Standard option. Put the bowelled and washed herring on the chopping board and cut it near its tail. Hook the meat in the cut and, while holding the trunk with one hand, use another to put off the meat from the bones headed to the head. When you dealt with the top part of the trunk, cut off the fishtail and pull the chine off the bottom. Remained big bones are easily removed with the hands and the small ones with the pincer. Now cut it into pieces and pour the oil and onion on it.
  • Quick way. Take the herring’s tail for one part of the tail to be in one hand and another part to be in the second. Stretch the tips of the tail every which way and turn the fish towards or away from yourself with one abrupt movement. It’s important not to leave hold of the tail. The herring will become separated to two pieces and you will need to pull the chine and bones out of one part. Attention! Quick method is meant only for salt fish.
  •  Finger-type method to get rid of the bones. Put the fish on the chopping board and put your hand inside the belly for four fingers to hold the trunk on the board and for thumb to bump into the chine from inside. Push the fish meat to press out the chine and separate the meat from the bone. Deal with the second part after you’re done with the first.
you can store the herring filet in the fridge if you wrap the kitchen film around it or put it in the glass can and pour the sunflower oil in it.
  • Scaling from the spine. Put the thumb in the cut on the spine near the head, which you pulled out the spine fin from, pierce your finger depthward for a few centimeters, until you bump into the bone. While moving the finger along the chine to the tail and watch the herring trunk divides into halves. Then put the chine out of one of them, remove the big and small bones by dint of hands and pincer and now you get the pure filet.
    Bon appetit!