How to remove the stale odor

How to remove the stale odor

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It’s impossible to characterize the stale odor, it cannot be mistaken for anything.

It’s often not about mold, thank god it can be found quite easily. Let’s figure out, how to remove the stale odor.

How to remove the stale odor from the apartment

We won’t consider a situation with high humidity in the apartment, which causes the dampness and consequently soaks everything in the house with its odor.
Bad fragrance in the apartment can be caused by several factors (besides the humidity):

  • clogged kitchen-sink;
  • lack of ventilation;
  • clogged canalization;
  • water pipe run and consequently water stagnation under the kitchen furniture and fridge or bathtub.

Even if you eliminated the cause of bad smell, sometimes the must remains. The thing is that household goods and upholstered furniture absorbed the smell. So, how to remove the bad smell in this case?

  • Air out the apartment, don’t be afraid of a draught. It will help to clean the place faster.
  • You will need to shake out and clean with the vacuum cleaner the carpets and floorings, stuffed toys and warm blankets. Wet and dry vacuum cleaner will do.
  • Take all the clothes out of the closets and hang them in sunlight’s reach. Treat the empty closets and dressers with acetic cleaner with chlorine-containing remedies.
don’t close the door during the day after the furniture’s treatment from the inside. The closets also need to get a blow.
  • Upholstery will dry if you take the furniture outside, which is impossible in the town houses. So put any heater near the furniture.
put the teabags with green tea, which will quickly absorb the putrefied smell, on the couch and chairs so that stale odor vanishes.
  • After all these procedures, put the bags with lavender and balm, which will finally absorb the bad smell, on the shelves in the closets and dressers.

Adhering to these rules about removing the stale odor from the apartment, you will easily bring the freshness back to your house.

How to remove the stale odor from the clothes

Before removing the stale odor from the clothes, ascertain what the reason is.

  • long-term presence of laundered clothes in the washing machine. Many people do that when they set the automatic wash cycle and then leave the house. Duration of laundry and rinse takes three hours at most (depending on the chosen mode) and then clothes are in the closed drum until the lady of the house comes home in the evening. And let’s be honest, someone hardly starts to get the clothes out and to hang it right off the bat.
look at the sealing rubber near the washing machine’s drum. Wash the dirt, which is there, with disinfection solution that is chlorine containing. This will help you to prevent the mold’s appearance in the washing machine.
  • undried clothing. Don’t put the clothes, which were on the balcony or on the drier, in the closet right away. For the clothes’ preservation, clothing must be fully dry.

As a precaution, leave the stacks of clothes, which in your opinion are dry, on the table or chair for the day and then put them to their places.

  • hot bed-clothes and other personal possessions have to get cold after the ironing. Otherwise, there will be mustiness.
  • store the clean things and dirty things separately. Fresh clothes have to lie as far as possible from the dirty ones because the smell of freshness won’t ruin the smell of dirt.
don’t put the wet umbrella, jacket or coat in the closet until they’re fully dry. This also concerns the headwear and accessories.
  • clothes might simply become stale, if they are on the shelves of closet or dresser for a long time. Periodically «take them for a walk» by hanging them in the air.

These are the recommendations for the future and now repair what’s already done. Remember the advices to share the new knowledge of removing the must smell with your friends.

  • if the must smell has just started to appear, then it will be enough to hang the clothes under the direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays will beat the mold spores and the wind will drive the residual moisture away from the cloth.
  • Wash the musty things by adding the table vinegar (half of a glass) in the laundry detergent, it will help to get rid of the smell and to disinfect the clothes.
in case of strong mustiness, preliminary soak the clothes in the acetic water (200 ml of vinegar per ten liters of water).
  • Baking soda has the same effect. Add about 200 g of soda to the laundry detergent before the washing.
  • Coffee sachet. Fill the bags with fried coffee beans, if you don’t have such special bags, then pour the beans in any glass jar and put it on the shelf with musty things. Coffee beans are not only the absorbent of bad smells, but they also aromatize your wardrobe.
spraying the clothes with stale odor by eau de toilette, perfumes and deodorants is useless and also are fraught with aggravation of bad smell.
  • Spray the outwear, which is beyond the washing, by weak solution of vodka or sal-ammoniac in order not to take it to dry cleaner’s. Then hang it in the air.

So, don’t allow the stale odor to appear again after you managed to get rid of it.