How to preserve the shoes

How to preserve the shoes

How to clean the shoes
Brush of the chamois things at home and their care
What to do if the shoes creak

Many people know that shoes need to be preserved according to certain rules, but unfortunately far from everyone follows them. As a result, the element of wardrobe loses its appearance at the next season. This article will reveal how to preserve the shoes and how to compactly place them in the house.

How to preserve the shoes at home

Any shoes off the season will serve many years and will look like new if you follow certain operational sequence.
To begin with, you need to repair the shoes. If it is necessary to change the taps or glue the sole, don’t delay it. Take the product to the workshop straight away. If the shoes are worn through or there is a scratch, these defects are removed due to the special remedies, which are sold in many shoes shops. After the shoes are repaired, they need to be elaborately cleaned. Not just rub them by duster. You have to wash them according to the washing rules of certain material.

don’t preserve the shoes in boxes with tight-fitting lid or in plastic bags. Fungus can appear without the air circulation.

Dry the shoes after cleaning. It is forbidden to use artificial heaters (radiators, drier etc.). Huge temperature swings can deform the material so the process of drying needs to be natural. Leave the shoes in a well-conditioned place. Dry the inner soles separately. The next step of preserving the shoes at home is the processing of the product by special creams and emulsions. This remedy covers the product with slim protection layer and preserves the air circulation. Cream treatment is the last step. Now you can leave the shoes to preservation.

How to preserve the shoes compactly

Even if you live alone, it’s not always simple to place all the things. What to say about the families with kids? This is why it’s important to know how to preserve the shoes compactly.
You need to pick up the place for storage, where the shoes will always be within reach. So the upper shelf isn’t the right choice. Besides, there must be the air circulation, so lumber-room or attic don’t fit either. You can’t preserve the shoes in the habitable rooms, so you only have the hallway.

There are several options to preserve the shoes in the hallway. You can use the closet or several shelves, which will be one above another. In the last case, the pairs have to be in separate boxes for dust not to be accumulated on them.

glue printed shoes’ photos on the boxes. Thus, you will find the needed pair without wasting time on search.

Considering the disadvantage of shelves, prefer to preserve the shoes in the closet, all the more so there are many various and compact options. For example, it can be the row of drawer-units. Anyway, if you take the preparation stage of preserving shoes in the closet seriously, then there should be no problems. It will be enough to remove the dust and renew the anti-abrasion layer once in a few months.