How to get prepared for the wedding

How to get prepared for the wedding

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How to get prepared for the wedding

Wedding is one of the most important and solemn occasions in our life. That is why it requires the special approach and fathoming into all nuances. Of course, you can repose trust to the marriage agencies. But you should control everything even in this case and preliminary discuss every detail.
However, a couple doesn’t always want to trust the preparation to the others. There is a question «How to get prepared for the wedding on your own?» in this case. This article is the approximate plan how to maximally organize the event.

What is necessary for wedding

It’s rather the most important rule – to begin everything in advance. Not one month or two – minimum half of year. You will be able to solve the tasks in priorities, considering what is necessary for wedding.
Make a decision about the approximate date. Visit the registry, church (if you want the wedding ceremony) and several restaurants. Pay attention to the last item, because there are restaurants, where everything is booked for the whole year. Therefore, you should choose the day at the restaurant and choose everything else according to that.

if you want a religious marriage, you need to know what dates allow the wedding ceremony. Go to the church where you want to marry in order to get the accurate data.

The next thing that is necessary for wedding is to calculate the approximate budget. Take the notebook or create a document on the computer, where you will write down your income and expenses. Highline the money for the engagement rings.
Start to go to the jewelry stores. You can buy the rings in advance and let them lie in safety. There are cases when the budget is spent and there is no money for such an important element.

You should also calculate the approximate number of guests. Of course, the list will be changed, but some number should be there.
And the last one. Look for the dress in advance. Sometimes, people can look for the dress for months. Moreover, sometimes they go to another city for them.

choose the time for event later than 11am. In this case, you can get ready with no rush.

List of wedding preparation

So you’ve came up with decision about the date and place of event and bought the rings. Then it’s time to apply for a marriage certificate. Don’t forget to go to the church to arrange the wedding ceremony with reverend father.
When you know the date, you need to book the restaurant. Besides, start to communicate with the photographers, cameramen, musicians and the toastmasters. Look through their portfolios.
List of wedding preparation also includes the purchase of invitations, the choice of the best men, make-up artist and hairdresser. Start to think through the approximate style of the wedding. It can be classic or thematic. The choice is yours.

if the budget allows, create the trial hair and make-up. You will be able to estimate not only your look, but also the master’s professionalism.

Wedding preparation gets real when there is a month till the event. You have the date, place, rings and clothing already. You better make a decision about the:

  1. Photographer and cameraman;
  2. Musicians and toastmaster;
  3. Person that decorates the hall.

When everything important is ready you can start thinking about the details. Always organize the priorities!
Visit the restaurant to discuss the menu. Find the candy maker and arrange the cake. Process the event with the toastmaster. Think through the first dance. Buy such accessories as buttonhole, garter and bunch of flowers. Besides, you should take care of the transport.

if you haven’t started to learn to dance for half of year, don’t try do dance a beautiful waltz for 2 weeks. Better dance simply, but sincerely.

Watch the weather forecast a few days before the celebration. Call every specialist (photographer etc.) for unpleasant surprise not to happen. Walk in shoes a little to adjust.
Look through the list again. Pay attention only to the main aspects. The rings, clothing, restaurant (booking, menu and scheme of guests), transport, toastmaster. If everything important is done, then you shouldn’t bother yourself of the trinkets.

Don’t be nervous! This is your day! Enjoy it.