How to pass the polygraph during the job interview

How to pass the polygraph during the job interview

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Various companies have started to use polygraph during the job interviews of new employees these days. This procedure is legal and gives the opportunity to make a conclusion about the potential worker. As a result, there are many people’s fear and desire to find out how to pass the polygraph during the job interview.

Questions by dint of polygraph during the job interview

To begin with, you need to figure out what the lie detector is. That’s not the device that represents two words on the screen: «truth» or «lie». This measuring instrument doesn’t read your mind, it only shows the reaction to the questions. Polygraph records the changes of biometric parameters (pulse, breathe etc.). Then the trained specialist reads the diagram and makes the conclusion.
It is important not to worry about the test. There are no perfect people. Many people have their «skeletons in the closet». And the questions aren’t always the simplest. For example, they can wonder would you steel a thing or not.

control your body. For example, breathe frequency mustn’t be higher than once in 4 seconds.

You need to understand that the boss is as ordinary human as all of us. And perfectly clean test might put him on the alert more than some violations. So specialists recommend to answer honestly to the questions by dint of polygraph during the job interview.

How to pass the polygraph on the job interview

Many people are interested in this. Internet contains many methods, how to pass the polygraph on the job interview. For example, not to sleep all night, then your organism will want only to sleep. It is easier to lie in this condition. However, polygraph testers know these tricks as well. So they can defer the test to a later date or even say no to you.
Don’t experiment. Especially when you apply for a serious position. You need to sleep well and come relaxed to pass the test. But if you worry, then you can take the sedating medication for it not to influence on the result.

What questions do they ask by dint of polygraph during the job interview

They will ask you a few «training» questions before the test. Then you will be asked to sit still for the device to be set individually to you.
Then the test will be started. What questions do they ask by dint of polygraph during the job interview? There is no specific list. However, there are 3 standard blocks. The first one is the neutral questions. They ask them to distract you and these questions have no impact on the result of the test.

one of the options of lies detector’s deception is water. You need to drink several glasses before the test. Desire to visit the bathroom will slur the results of test which will play into your hands.

Next set of questions are the provocative ones. Their task is to discover the direction, which the specialists will work on. Lie detector on the job interview won’t show the clear picture due to one answer.
For example, you ambiguously answered to the question about the theft of property, then the polygraph tester will get back to this theme during the test. This set of questions is the key third group. Your task is to determine them and try to answer maximally calmly.

How to deceive the polygraph

Is it possible to deceive the lie detector? Yes, but that’s not easy. The main mistake is to control the emotions. You cannot learn that by week. These trainings take years.
The only available method to deceive the polygraph is the external aggravator. What is it and what it is needed for? When the answer is true or the questions are neutral, then use the aggravator. When you are going to lie – don’t use it. So the reaction to the truth and lie will be similar.
The most often thing that people use is the pin in the shoe. They have no right to search you, but you mustn’t give yourself away by extra movement or mimics.