How to pack the backpack

How to pack the backpack

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Even the laziest people have to pack their things on the road and to think how to pack the backpack.

Packing the backpack is important for travelers, pioneers and investigators, for parents and children.

How to pack the backpack on a trip

If you’ve been on the road with trolley bag or with a bag on your shoulder, you made a conclusion that there’s no better option than backpack. Backpack is comfortable because it frees your hands both literally and figuratively. There is a big variety of models of backpacks, so even the most meticulous person will pick one based on his own preference.

It’s not enough to pick the backpack, you need to know how to pack the backpack on a trip.

  • Put warm clothes and clothes, which won’t be necessary at first, at the bottom of backpack. Bottom is also meant for second shoes and heavy things.
  • Density of packing the things must be maximal. Bridge the gap among the big things by small objects and bags with second clothes.
  • Put the toiletry, meds (if there is such a necessity), clothes in case of weather’s change, camera, charger and documents on top and in the side pockets of backpack. Try to preliminary think through what might be urgently necessary for you on the road in order not to put all things out then, but calmly take it from the top.
  • If you travel with a baby, don’t forget that the bottle with compote, binky wet wipes, child’s favorite toy or a book need to be within reach. Put them on top of your backpack.
  • Your baby is independent and boldly walks? Then it makes sense to buy a bag for him too. And you can put things, which are necessary for him (don’t overdo it though), in his small backpack.
when you packed the backpack, try to wear it to test it. Nothing has to lean on your back, prick it or cause the discomfort.
  • When you put all your things in there, shake the backpack, close it and compact the content by bracing the side straps.

How to pack the backpack on a field trip

Packing the backpack in a field trip is a completely different thing. Long road won’t forgive you for packing the backpack incorrectly and every gram in your backpack risks turning into the whole kilo during the field trip.
There is a certain sequence of packing the backpack on a field trip, which can be used for travels also. The point of all these rules is no discomfort during the trip.

  • Do the weight distribution in the backpack according to one of two basic options of packing. The difference between them is in the position of gravity center of backpack. Try both of them and pick the one you like.

1. Put the heaviest objects (special equipment, ax, tent, canned food) near the contact of backpack and the back. This option guarantees the lack of unbalance during the walk and the less tiredness, because the back keeps the level position.
2. Put the heaviest things next to your plate-bones. This will protect from the overturning effect and you won’t have to keep your spinal muscles on their toes.

packing with low center of gravity is appropriate for hard routes and the gravity center near the plate-bones is nice for light terrain.
  • Fill the bottom and opposite side of the back by big things (warm clothes, sleeping bag, shoes, equipment, food). If everything happens, it will be soft to fall on your back.
  • Put light and fragile things (medical pack, hygiene facilities, kitchenware) on the top of backpack.
before packing the backpack, put enormous plastic bag inside and put everything in there. This will protect the backpack’s content from bad weather.
  • And the last thing, put things, which you systematically need or suddenly might need (food, water, raincoat etc.) in the upper section and in the pockets.

Done, the backpack is packed for the field trip, have a nice trip!