5 advices how not to fall asleep at the wheel

5 advices how not to fall asleep at the wheel

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Every driver has faced the forthcoming long journey, when he needed to drive thousands of kilometers. Monotony and tiredness do their work and he starts to nod after a while. This is exactly that condition, when each third fatality RTI occurs.
This article will reveal the widespread and effective ways not to fall asleep at the wheel during the long ride.


One of the most popular ways not to fall asleep at the wheel is music. However, it’s not enough to simply turn on the radio recorder. Sing along to keep yourself up. You shouldn’t hesitate, you can scream out a song at full blast. Such activity won’t let you nod.

not only sounds can help not to fall asleep during the long ride, but also the smells. Take several citruses and cut them in two pieces. Smell the odor of the chosen fruit from time to time (lemon or orange) and this will help not to get a wink of sleep.

Sometimes the melody of your favorite song can hush. So here is one more interesting option. Turn on something that you don’t like. Use the irritant as a way against sleeping. Can’t stand rap? Listen to it all the way.

Modern technologies

Progress doesn’t rest on its laurels. Considering the dismal statistics of RTI, many producers started to prevent the crashes. There are detectors that make noise in expensive automobiles. That noise can wake up everybody, it occurs in case of change of pathway.
Not everyone can afford BMW or Audi. How not to fall asleep at the wheel in this case? You can buy cheaper analogue of the detector. It looks like a wireless headset. Principle of work is quite simple. Detector in this device reacts to the change of your head’s position vertically and it makes the sharp signal (you can move horizontally as much as you like).

Food and beverages

The approach is individual here. Cannot fall asleep because of coffee? Then drink it all the way. As an option, you can try green tea because it contains more caffeine. But there are recommendations, which advise not to drink hot beverages. So try something cool. For example, ice coffee. Such drink will perfectly excite the organism.

you can eat a lot of «chemistry» before the ride, for example, dry breadcrumbs, or drink the cocktail of coffee and cola. Such gift to your stomach won’t let you fall asleep until the end of way for sure.

There is one more quite good method not to fall asleep at the wheel. Drink a lot of water, because no one can fall asleep if he wants to use bathroom very badly. Of course, you cannot hold the water within yourself forever. After the stop at the petrol station, start to drink again and again.


How not to fall asleep at the wheel? Prefer not to ride alone. If you go alone, try to find yourself a fellow passenger. Conversation during the ride, especially if it’s interesting, won’t let you fall asleep. You can ask each other riddles or talk about the interesting movie/book/game. Subject matter isn’t important.

rest and sleep more than 8 hours before any road. Alternatively, as an option you can stop every hour to sleep for 15 minutes.

But be careful. If you see that your passenger starts to yawn, better reseat him to the back seat. Nothing sends to sleep more than a yawning person.


If you don’t like any of offered options, you can address the pharmacology. You can find the special pills in any pharmacy, which are meant for driver not to fall asleep and be utterly concentrated during the ride.
But there is one rule. Always read the instruction. If one of the side effects is loginess of reaction, then you shouldn’t buy those remedies. Pills’ alternative can be the energy drinks.