How to make the towels soft

How to make the towels soft

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When buying the new towel, we orient on to what extent the fabric is soft and fluffy besides the price and quality. But, when we washed the towel, we sadly realize that there isn’t a fluffy towel anymore. A hardness suddenly appeared. And there’s no pleasure in drying off by the itchy towel. Let’s figure out how to make the towels soft, which they were before the purchase.

How to wash the Turkish towels

There are several reasons why the towels are hard after the laundry, these reasons influence on towel’s softness and fluffiness.

  • Hard water. Extent of itchiness of the towels after the washing directly depends on the water impurities, which gravitate on the fabric fibers during the laundry.
add two tablespoons of sea salt in the section for conditioners in the washing machine and set the rinse mode twice.
  • Laundry detergent of low quality. Everybody knows – don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Detergent, which doesn’t fully dissolve in the water, settles on the fiber of towel’s tissue.
  • Washing machine, Yeah, big rotations of the washing machine break the structure of towels’ fibers. High temperature, which is set during the laundry, harms the fluffiness and softness.
  • Towels’ drying. Towels’ drying near the heaters or even on them leads to the loss of primary product characteristics.
  • Ironing without the steaming. High temperature of the iron sole bends and wrings the towel’s fiber, which is damaged enough already. There will be no fluffy towel after such heat treatment.

So how to wash the Turkish towels for them to stay soft and fluffy as they were?

  • Scrutinize the label on the towel and check it for the possibility of washing it in the washing machine and find out in what temperature to do that. If producer recommends not to use washing machine, then you’ll have to wash by hands.
  • When choosing the laundry detergent, orient on the detergent of high quality without the impurities (phosphate and chloride), it concerns not only the towels at that.
replace the granulated laundry detergent with liquid one as gentler one.
  • Washing with the detergent, use the function of additional rinse for full rinsing out the chemical particles from the towels’ fiber.
  • Set the gentle mode (delicate laundry) to wash the towels. Laundry temperature should be 40 degrees at most.
  • Soften high water with table vinegar by pouring half of glass in the section for conditioners, when you set the final rinse.
  • Use the bleacher only as a last resort. Towel boiling is contraindicative as a method of bleaching.
while washing the towels, put the tennis-balls in the washing machine’s drum, they will fluff a tangled terry fiber during the washing.
  • Set the extraction of 500 rotations per minute at most. It’s better not to use the extraction mode at all, you should put the towels out of the drum, wring them out and let the water flow.
  • Shake the towel before hanging it to dry for fiber to straighten itself.
  • Prevent the overdrying of towels, take them down when they aren’t fully dry.
  • You shouldn’t iron the towels, it’s enough to straightly hang them to dry. Use the function of steaming in necessity of ironing.

If you iron the towel correctly, then there will be no necessity to recover the product from the hardness condition.

How to make the towels soft after the laundry

Now let’s reanimate the old products, which became hard and coarse. Knowing that it won’t be difficult for you to make the towels soft and fluffy, use some simple advices.

  • Put the hard towel in the basin with water. If the water is hard, soften it with vinegar (it was said earlier). Elaborately rinse the product with your hands in the morning. Water will dissolve the particles of detergent and you will only need to dry it correctly.
  • If the towel has been used in your house for a long time and it became hard and ticklish, then soak it in the salty watery solution. Add the salt (two tablespoons per five kg of cloth).

It’s not difficult to use advice about making the towels soft after the laundry. And the result will be instantaneous. Soft and gentle towel will wrap you with delight after a bath.