How to learn the English language on your own

How to learn the English language on your own

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Knowing the foreign language nowadays is a necessity, not the check mark in your list of achievements. You can for example get a more prestigious job due to it.

But how to learn the English language on your own? You need to understand that this is labor and you will have to spend your time every day for minimum half of year. Sometimes there is a question how to learn the language by skype and will it be easier? The answer is yes. Easier and more expensive. Individual learning will help to save money and achieve the necessary knowledge.

First steps in learning English

The most important thing is a strong motivation. If you got it, think that the third part is done. Learning by yourself isn’t the easy task and you need to have power of will to force yourself to rote every day.

English contains many tenses. Besides past, present and future there is also present continuous etc. How to learn English on your own from the ground up? Simple rule – start and don’t stuff your head with nonsense.

If you want to fluently express yourself abroad, 5 tenses will be enough for you. Yes, you won’t be able to expose your thoughts like Shakespeare. But you don’t need to.

don’t waste your time on programs for mobile phone to learn the language. This is showing off and not the effective learning of language.

The next aspect. Word-stock of 300-400 words will be beyond your needs. Learn 2-5 new words every day during the half of year and you will know the necessary base.

First steps in learning by yourself isn’t the momentary rote, this is planning and realization of fact that not so much is necessary for achieving your goal.

From theory of learning English to practice

Let’s talk about practice. How to learn English language on your own? Do everything gradually. Devote the first week to «Present Simple». Learn it in details. For example, how to construct the affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences.

Compose 20 sentences in your language every day and make the translation. If you don’t know some word, then write it into your vocabulary. Remember that the practice of grammar should be constant.

2 times a week spend time to watch the child cartoons in English. Gradually complicate your task. Start to watch «Friends» after 3-4 months. It is very comfortable to work off the informal speech on.

Second and third weeks should be devoted to «Past Simple» and «Future Simple». Model of sentence construction is like the present, so you shouldn’t have any troubles. Pay special attention to the future, because there are small differences.

4 and 5 weeks are devoted to «Present Continuous» and «Present Perfect». These are more difficult, but you need to add these tenses to your knowledge. Thus, after a month and week you will know the necessary tenses.

Besides, don’t forget to write and learn the new words and repeat the learnt ones. Talk to yourself everyday remembering all tenses and words, which you’ve learnt. Success is the constant practice of speaking and grammar. Go for it and in half of year you will see that it’s not so difficult as it seemed in the beginning.

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