How to get rid of the bedbugs

How to get rid of the bedbugs

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Disgusting and uninvited small insects that are able to drive mad by their presence in the house. Of course, we speak of bedbugs. Night in the house, where the parasites are, turns into a nightmare. Bedbugs choose your cozy bed as a habitation and the bed becomes torture for you. Bedbugs not only bite, but also drink human blood, they are vectors of infective diseases. Ugh.
Bedbug is associated with insanitariness, however, this parasite feels nice in any place whether it’s dirty or clean.
Owners, whose house became a shelter for bedbugs, start to panic. People hope to fully get rid of parasites and start to use ways and methods of fighting these insects, which often don’t produce results. So we ask you to collect yourself and calmly read this article.

How to exclude the bedbugs

We warn you that removing the bedbugs of your house is quite difficult procedure. Don’t expect the momentary result. When thinking how to exclude the bedbugs, understand that you should know your enemy by sight. So, the bedbug is a bloodsucking household insect, which has a foul smell. It sucks blood due to probe, which is dense enough to prick the skin. There are no wings (tut-tut), but it quickly moves due to small weight and oblate body, it climbs the walls and ceilings. Movement rate of adult insect is 1,25 m per minute, larvae crawl about 25 cm per minute.

Bedbug’s body is segmented, so it’s quite difficult to crush it. It flies with the owl. It hides in the cracks, clothes, books and any warm and dark places in the daytime and when it’s night, 3-4 o’clock, it leaves its shelter and bites.

You should select the method to fight the parasites depending on the number of insects in the apartment.

If you don’t see the bedbugs in the day, you can discover them due to the vibration, when you knock, squeeze out or move the furniture along with the mattresses. As soon as you notice it, treat the place when they are gathered by the remedy for fighting destructive insects. If you don’t have such a remedy, then use vacuum cleaner.

if you’ve gathered the bedbugs by dint of vacuum cleaner, then you need to put the bedbugs and their larvae in the plastic bag and go down the toilet. They will die in the water.

Then you need to do the disinfestation of the apartment. To the preparation work:

  1. Find all the nests of bedbugs in the apartment, elaborately cleaning the closets and dark places;
  2. Boil the bed clothing for at least 20 minutes;
  3. Buy personal protection equipment (mask, gloves etc.);
  4. Evacuate kids, seniors, pets and houseplants of the apartment;
  5. Take away the personal hygiene products and kitchenware.

What to bay the bedbugs by

It is preferable to bay the bedbugs by chemicals. Choose one of the most widespread spray insecticides – «Raptor» «Dichlofos» «Raid» «Neofos-2» «Carbosol» or a liquid remedy «Forssait» or «Get». Treatment is a very meticulous procedure. If you like to rush, then invite the team of exterminators.

if you treat the apartment by chemicals on your own, don’t forget about following the instruction and about remedies of individual protection.

You have to treat all small holes and cracks, dusty places, floor borders, under the wallpaper that chips off, closets and mezzanine storey. You should spread the remedy against the bedbugs by dint of spray. Air the place after the disinfection.

Do the check cleanup operation in a few days.

if you live in the apartment house, then you should do the disinfection collectively.

Bedbugs’ bites

Bedbugs’ bites do people a big harm. Parasites spare human of normal sleep when they bite. They bite body parts, which aren’t dressed. Person doesn’t feel the bite, it’s painless, but there appears redness and itch after some time. Multiple bites lead to skin rash and produce the allergic reaction up to Quincke’s edema. Bedbugs’ bites become a psycho-traumatic factor to the person.

There is an upset in the nervous system, which has an impact on general efficiency.

Insect isn’t a source of infection, but it is a vehicle of various diseases, which passes through blood (serum hepatitis, plague, Q-fever etc.) during its life (14 months).

Conserve your health. Multifaceted approach to fighting the bedbugs is a difficult, but realistic objective.