How to cut the pomegranate correctly

How to cut the pomegranate correctly

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It must be nice to be sheiks, the pomegranate is being already peeled to them.

You and I don’t have a servant so we learn how to cut the pomegranate correctly without making the mess in the kitchen or getting our hands dirty.

How to easily peel the pomegranate

It’s not only possible, but also necessary to eat the tasty big berry and to gladden your family members with a reservoir of vitamins avoiding the «blood». All you need is reading and remembering once and for all how to easily peel the pomegranate. Before quickly peeling the pomegranate, wash this «pipstorage». And now let’s consider three main methods to extract the ruby-red pips.

  • Effective. Remove the pomegranate’s hat with the sharp knife. This is the side, where the flower used to be and now there is a tail like the one on the beret. All white membranes and cracks can be seen without a «headwear». While orienting on the cracks, slash the skin starting with the top and stopping short of the bottom. Do it for pomegranate pips to be seen. Otherwise nothing won’t work. Slightly move apart the petals of the skin for each segment to move from the center. Take the deep bowl, put the pomegranate in there, turning it over for a section to be on the bottom. Start to knock on pomegranate skin with the tablespoon. The knocks need to be sharp and confident. Knock not only on the top, but also in the spiral, knock from all the sides. It’s important not to put the pomegranate high over the kitchenware, because in this case you will have to catch the pips all over the kitchen. Pomegranate pips will jump from the unusual flower into your plate literally within a minute.
  • Bloodless. Using this method, we definitely exclude the possibility of even small pomegranate splashes and rusty stains on the bolls. The beginning is the same as in the previous method – take off the hat and cut the pomegranate to the shallow lobules. Pour the water into the deep plate or pot, put the pomegranate there and turn each segment out. The pips will start to be detached from the skin and white membranes and in the process of turning out they will seek the bottom. The white cracks and skin will resurface because they are much lighter. You only need to remove the inedible parts of the pomegranate and to gather the precious vitamins from the bottom.
for those, who don’t like the pomegranate pips and like only the pomegranate juice – cut the pomegranate to two pieces. Put the half on the cone for handy squeezing of the juice of the fruit and turn it over. Don’t forget to put the plastic bag on the top, then there will be no splashes.
  • Unusual. Use the kitchen expedient means in this case – dumpling maker, big form of the silicone (can be replaced with the plastic bag), deep bowl and a spoon or knife. Make the unsophisticated construction. Put the dumpling maker on the deep bowl. Cut the pomegranate to two halves and put one half on the dumpling maker as well. Cover your «architecture» building with silicone form or plastic bag, knock on the pomegranate with the spoon or with the knife (carefully, don’t cut yourself). Do the same thing with another half of the pomegranate. When you got the hang of this method, learn to push the pips out of pomegranate for two-three hits. Pips are in the bowl and the skin and white web are on the dumpling maker, drops of pomegranate juice are on the silicone form (plastic bag). Wash the form (throw out the bag), eat the pomegranate. Voila.