How to brush a washing machine

How to brush a washing machine

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How to brush a washing machine

People have started to refuse the traditional methods of clothing washing in favor of washing machine an automat. Which is why every person purchases such a necessary thing as a washing machine. However, there can be a breakdown due to the frequent use. Brushing is a necessary precaution, so you need to know how to brush a washing machine.

The consumers face several main problems:

  1. scale apparition on the thermal electric heater (TEH);
  2. filter plugging of the drain pump;
  3. increase of number of microbes and fungus, which breed inside the washing machine.
brush the washing machine once in 3 months as a precaution. You will prolong the service life of the equipment for several years this way.

Besides, there is the out-of-the-way item of information. According to the research, the washing machine is the most dirty place in the house! This is why you cannot neglect the brushing.

How to brush a washing machine with a citric acid

If we speak of detergent, «expensive» does not always mean qualitatively, effectively and reliably. You can use a well tried, the most important – low-cost and accostable remedy. For example, the brushing of the washing machine by the citric acid.

to get rid of the scale, you can use any remedy instead of citric acid (for example, F-100), which does not dissolve the rubber.

How to brush a washing machine with a citric acid? Take one package of this product (about 100 g). Pour it into the special unit for the laundry powder, turn the machine on and set the mode of boiling to two hours of washing. That’s all. Very simple and inexpensive, which is important.

Besides the drum brushing of the dirt, you need to know how to brush a washing machine of scale. This trouble harms one of the most important elements – TEH. Breakdown promises the expensive repair, so the scale brushing needs to be done.

Thus, to get rid of it, you need to pour 100 g of laundry detergent and a little bit of citric acid of baking soda (15-20 g) into the special container. Then boldly set the long mode of delicate laundry with optimal temperature of 60-70°С.

Many people wonder if a citric acid is a real magic pill. That is why they often write the requests in the search systems «what brushes the washing machine an automat of the scale» or «scale removal in the washing machine» in the hope of finding another option. But why you should reinvent the wheel? This remedy is accostable, inexpensive and, what is the most important, it provides the result.

pay attention to the percent of acidic aspect in the liquids that are used for the brushing. More than 10% will harm the equipment and less than 4% will not provide the effect.

Washing machine disinfection at home

Another important aspect is a foul smell and the fungus inside the washing machine. To spare yourself of these inconveniences, you should carry out a cycle of disinfection. You can use the expedients to do so at home.

How to disinfect a washing machine? So, you need to take 3-4 tbsp. of salt (preferably sea salt). You can also use the diluted acetic acid. Add the teaspoon of ottar to this proportion and mix the mixture up. Then, pour it into the washing machine drum and put 75-100 g of citric acid on it. Shut the door and turn on the mode with temperature 90°С.

Is there another simple method to brush a washing machine of the smell? The answer is on the kitchen of any landlady.

To spare the aggregate and your clothing as well of the foul smell, you need to use the vinegar. You should pour two glasses of this liquid and set a maximally long cycle. At the beginning, when the washing machine will flood the water, stop the laundry for vinegar to mix with the water and leave the machine for an hour. Then get the process back on track. After the end of the laundry, turn on another short cycle of rinse for the machine to wash away the remnants of vinegar.