How to clean the silver

How to clean the silver

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This material is valuable for people for many hundreds of years. Kitchenware, interior elements and of course jewelry are made of it. But unfortunately, this material starts to fade in due course. So here is the article about how to clean the silver by expedient means.

How to clean the silver at home

There are several reliable and verified methods to clean the silver at home. You don’t need to look for the special remedies, that’s the most important. Everything necessary is in your kitchen or medicine box. How to clean the silver correctly? To begin with, you need to prepare the product. Make the soap solution, soak the duster in it and rub the jewelry. You need to remove the fat and dirt and only then start one of the cleaning methods.

First option of cleaning the silver at home – is using the toothpaste. However, we should warn you that you cannot use this method for jewelry with stone insertions. Principle of this cleaning method is very simple. Squeeze out a little bit of paste on the toothbrush and rub the product by round moves until it’s clean.

if the jewelry is somehow wet (weather conditions, cleaning etc.), then dry them straight away. Silver won’t go dark so fast due to that.

One more method to clean the silver is lemon acid and copper wire. Take the acid and water in ratio of 1:5 and put the container with received solution in the steam bath (another pot with boiling water). Put the jewelry and copper wire in the solution (you can take a piece of unnecessary wire). Boil at least 15 minutes and take the product away when it grows light. Wash it by water and dry it.

if you wear the jewelry rarely, then preserve them in the foil. This will help to slow down the process of ageing.

There are more ways to clean the silver at home. Take a tablespoon of soda per glass of water. Boil the received liquid. Put your products in the boiling solution for 5-15 minutes. Rinse and dry them.

Sal-ammoniac is also very helpful at cleaning the silver. Mix the water and sal-ammoniac in ratio of 1:5 and leave the jewelry there for a few hours. You can put the jewels in the clean sal-ammoniac in case of strong contaminations but for 15 minutes max.

How to clean the silver with the stones

Any jewelry looks better with the stones. However, beauty requires sacrifice and it means that it’s more difficult to clean such things with insertions. But don’t despair, there are several simple methods to clean the silver with the stones.

Main rule of cleaning the products with insertions is no hydrotherapeutic procedures. Clean the stones separately by cotton bud and spirit. Be careful with transparent and light stones. Treat them by special cleaning remedy and fluffy cloth.

preserve the jewelry in the dry place. Ordinary jewel-case will perfectly fit for such purpose.

Speaking of metal, be ready that silver cleaning will take a lot of energy. Make the special paste of water and soda because of limitations of liquid contact. Mix them until there will be the paste and rub the silver by it using the clean duster. You can also use the toothpaste.