How to clean the shoes

How to clean the shoes

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Genuine lady can be recognized by shoes. Her shoes or sneakers always look perfect. However, lady has a husband and kids. Their shoes have to correspond either. So you should clean the football shoes, colorful flat shoes, stylish mocassins, leather boots by sponge, rub them by cream and spray them by special aerosols and sprays every day. You pour the water in the basin in case of strong contaminations, you add the laundry detergent and you clean the dirt by brush. Sounds familiar? You have to clean the room after this execution, because splashes of the brush get around and above.

But one fine day woman understands that there aren’t enough verified daily remedies to care about the shoes, when she looks at the pile of dusty and dirty shoes in the hallway. She comes up with the idea to clean the shoes in the washing machine.

How to clean the shoes in the washing machine

Yes, you can clean the shoes in the washing machine. But! This way isn’t appropriate to leather, lacquered and chamois shoes and products of nubuck. We will tell how to clean these types of shoes later. Textile shoes (vans, court shoes, flat shoes, sandals, sneakers, mule shoes) will nicely survive the free floatation in the drum of washing machine. Let’s start with the beginning.

Prepare everything before cleaning the shoes in the washing machine. Zip everything up, button up and fasten all buttonhooks.

Take out all inner soles and shoestrings. Put them in the drum along with the shoes – they will be cleaner due to that. Buy the special bag for the washing, so shoes with foreign elements won’t beat the drum of the washing machine. If you cannot afford a bag for the laundry, then use the ordinary pillowcase.

check the sole for the stuck stones and remove them or you might damage the washing machine.

There is a special mode for washing the shoes in some washing machines. If you don’t have such a luxury, then turn the delicate washing with the temperature of 40°С at most and turn off the extraction. Then the washing will be soft and it will be without bad consequences for both: shoes and washing machine.

It’s forbidden to dry the shoes after the washing in the washing machine under the direct sunlight or on the radiators. This will lead to the loss of shape or to the ungluing. Put the paper in the shoes to lick them into shape and then put them in the well-ventilated place.

use only white paper for stuffing, when you dry the washed shoes. Newspaper or colored paper will leave the coloration.

Don’t overuse this method of washing. Two-three per month at most won’t ruin the look and functionality of the shoes.

How to clean the chamois shoes in the washing machine

Results of washing of textile shoes gladdened and is it possible to wash the chamois shoes? We will aggrieve you, it’s not. Chamois is a very delicate material, it loses the softness when it has contact with water. Have you seen the chamois shoes after the rain? Chamois solidifies due to long-term exposure of the water and the colored chamois will also lose its color.

So use the methods of cleaning, which are appropriate for this material:

  • Brush. Dry cleaning will help if the chamois shoes are dusty or the contaminations are small. Special brush for chamois or the ordinary eraser will rumple the fluff.
remove the wet contaminations from the chamois shoes only after the shoes are dry.
  • Foam. Spread the special foam cleaner of chamois on the shoes, which are preliminary cleaned of dirt and rub them by flannel fabric.
  • Steam. You can bring the previous look to the chamois shoes by taking them over the steam for several minutes. Then brush the fur. Chamois shoes need to be dried only by natural way.

How to wash the leather shoes

Leather shoes are being cleaned by the brushes, sponges for shoes, cloth of flannel or wool. You cannot wash the leather products in the washing machine. Water, powder and spot remover deform your shoes. So you can wash the leather shoes only by special soft sponge or cloth. Ordinary soap solution or solution of sal-ammoniac will do as a remedy to clean the shoes with. Polish the shoes after the cleaning.

if you rub the leather shoes by castor oil, then the shoes will not only shine, but also they will be saved from drying up in the summertime.

How to wash the nubuck shoes

It’s devoted to the proud owner of nubuck shoes!

Nubuck is a fastidious material. It cannot stand the water and heat. You cannot wash the nubuck shoes! Only dry cleaning. If you were caught by the rain in nubuck shoes, then put the shoes in the open air (not under the sunrays) full of paper before the cleaning. Clean the dirt by special brush of this material only after the nubuck is dry.

Shoes will provide your legs with comfort in response to your care!