How to clean the extractor hood

How to clean the extractor hood

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Every woman loves when the house is clean and tidy and everything shines of cleanness. Mistresses are especially proud when they can brag about the clean kitchen. This office isn’t only woman’s workplace, but also the special place in the house that speaks for the coziness. So the maximum efforts are being dedicated to the cleaning of kitchen.

Frequency of food cooking for the family has an impact on the kitchen equipment. Especially the stove and extractor hood, of course. The mistress can deal with the stove even with her eyes closed, but the things are different with the extractor hood.

Regardless of type of stove: electric or gas, there’s no escaping from the burnt and smoke which accompany the food cooking. The longer the extractor hood will be dirty, the more likely that it will stop functioning.

How to clean the extractor hood of fat

You cannot just rub the extractor hood by duster hoping to get rid of fat pollution. You will have to take the extractor hood to pieces to clean it. To do so, you need to:

  1. Turn the power off;
  2. Flock the fixators, which hold the cover;
  3. Take out the air filter and wash it separately (methods of cleaning the filter are below);
  4. You can wash the body frame, which is fixed to the wall, without taking it down.

Use the soap solution with the detergents to wash body frame and the components besides the filter. Rub the surface of body frame by sponge for the dishes with this mixture. Then remove this remedy by ordinary water. Leave it to dry out.

Gather dry elements of extractor hood in reversed order and use in good health.

How to clean the extractor hood’s filter of fat

After you detached all elements of the extractor hood and gathered all components in one place, it’s time to solve the main task – cleaning the extractor hood’s filter of fat. This procedure isn’t difficult, but it’s painstaking, it’s important not to stop halfway, you need to follow to its logical end. There are types of extractor hood where filters cannot be washed, they can only be changed. Happy owners of such kitchenware can be free of reading this section. This instruction is dedicated to people, who have the extractor hood with permanent filter.

Let’s determine the choice of remedies. Household chemicals, which are appropriate for cleaning the filter, are being selected according to mistress’s preferences. You can consult the specialists in the shop that specialize in selling the household chemicals. They will always help to puzzle out the niceties about using the chemicals and they will offer the novelties in the market of household chemicals. You can also use old wives remedies, which by no means lost their topicality.

So let’s choose the remedies, which help to clean the extractor hood of fat pollution:

  1. Baking soda;
  2. Laundry soap;
  3. Detergents, which are used by the mistress daily;
  4. Chemicals for professional cleaning: Tytan, San Clean etc.;
  5. Remedies to remove fat pollution, for example Isesclean.

Filter and the grill of the extractor hood that are made of stainless steel become the main hindrance that stops the pollutants. Process of food cooking is accompanied by the steam, which the dirt, dust and fats get in the extractor hood along with.

When you visually determined the contamination level of the grill of extractor hood, then it’s time to use the corresponding cleaning plan:

  • Light fat drops on the filter speak for small pollution, because fat hasn’t hardened yet. So put the filters in the container with hot water. Pour the detergent, which you use in the kitchen, in this container and treat the filters with hard brush.
you can use the old toothbrush as a hard brush in case of small contamination of extractor hood filters.

Leave the filters in the solution of water and detergent for a half of hour. Rinse the filters then by warm water and then by cold water until they’re spared of solution. Don’t let the detergent be left on the filter, because it will have impact on the extractor hood’s function later.

  • Dark brown color of fat drops on the filter tells that the ordinary cleaning won’t help with the hardened fat. You must use the verified old method – boil the grill of the extractor hood. Take the container, which is suitable by dimensions, and put the filter in it for it to be covered by the water at least for a half. Add the grated or finely chopped laundry soap and a few tablespoons of baking soda there and boil this liquid. Bring it to a boil and boil on a low heat for thirty minutes. Elaborately rinse the filter under the flowing water after the boiling procedure.
if the fat drops are still on the grill after the boiling, then just repeat the process.

Try to wash the extractor hood more often and don’t concede the significant contamination to avoid such radical measures as extracting by boiling and using the aggressive chemical agents.