How to clean the iron sole at home

How to clean the iron sole at home

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Dirty iron sole sooner or later makes itself felt. Carbon can be the consequence of the wrong choice of ironing mode or of long exploitation. Anyway, the situation isn’t the nicest one.

This article will help you to figure out how to clean the iron sole at home.

How to clean the iron with ceramic sole

One of the most popular materials to create the iron sole is ceramic. This popularity is very easily explained. Ceramic can serve for a long time given the correct care, it perfectly keeps the heat and easily enough slides over the clothing.

water from the tap can be the reason of scale. Distilled water will perfectly fit as the preventive measure.

There is no material that is insured from the contamination. So every equipment owner needs the knowledge how to clean the iron with ceramic sole.

It is important to know one characteristic of such material for cleaning not to finish deplorably. Ceramic surface is sensitive to any mechanical impact. That is why the abrasive materials (soda, salt etc.) along with the rough brush can ruin the sole.

don’t try to scrape down the stains by knife or any other similar way. You will only harm the sole independently on the material (teflon, steel etc.)

Special pencil is considered the perfect solution of the problem. Turn the iron on before using it and when the sole is heated, turn it off. Treat the surface by the pencil and then rub it by the dry duster. But be careful. Nothing should get into the holes, which are meant for the steaming!

Alternatively, as an option, the acetic solution helps to fight the carbon. Acetic and water have to be 1 to 1. Treat the warm surface by the solution by dint of cotton pad or flannel tissue. The last stage is rubbing by the clean rags. Alternative to acetic is the hydrogen peroxide.

How to clean the iron sole with teflon coating of the carbon

Teflon coating is seen as often as ceramic one. Such famous brands as Philips or Tefal produce the equipment using this material. Teflon easily slides over and isn’t as demanding as ceramics.

If you found the carbon on the sole, then use those methods, which are described above. Special pencil, acetic solution and hydrogen peroxide will perfectly handle this task.

always carefully read the attendant technical documentation. The producers quite often write the optimal methods to fight the carbon, which won’t harm the equipment.

If the contaminations are stable, then use more aggressive method – lemon acid. How to clean the iron sole with teflon coating of the carbon using this remedy? Everything is simple. You will need to make the solution. Take a teaspoon of acid per one glass of water and pour in the iron.

The sole needs to be very hot. When the necessary temperature is achieved, several times turn the steaming on and off. When the sole gets cold, take away the rest of carbon by the clean duster.

Sometimes you can find the recommendation to use salt or soda in the Internet. However, you can easily ruin the iron by doing it. All above said methods provide you with 100% result and guarantee that the sole won’t be damaged, so there is no point in risking the equipment and experiment.