How to choose the multicooker correctly

How to choose the multicooker correctly

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Every woman wants to spend more time with her family during the weekend and after the work in the evening. To watch a movie together, to walk in the park, to go see the nature outside the town.

For the cooking not to take too much time, you should buy the multicooker. And we will tell how to choose the multicooker.

How to choose the multicooker correctly

Modern kitchen appliance will help to reduce the time expenditure in the process of cooking, but it will also preserve the useful properties and quality of the groceries’ components. But there is such a big variety of multicookers in the market of kitchen appliances, that you can get lost. Knowing how to choose the multicooker correctly, you get irreplaceable helper in the kitchen.

  • Multicooker’s power capacity has an impact on the time of cooking. The higher the power specifications are, the faster we cook the food. Multicookers can be low-powered (500 W at most), medium-powered (500-900 W) and the models of high capacity (more than 900 W). It’s worthy of note that the models of high capacity are the most energy-consuming, although the cooking takes half as much time.
  • You will choose the multicooker’s basin of three types.

1.Teflon coating of the basin implies the low cost and amazing quality of the washing. But it’s subjected to the scratches and damages. However, if you’re the perfectly careful mistress, who knows how to save money, then teflon is appropriate for you.

in case of the damage of basin with Teflon coating, it needs to be immediately changed, because Teflon gives off toxic agents in the process of heating.

2.Ceramic basin is a perfect option because it’s safe. Of course, it can fall on the floor and crack. Nevertheless, there’s nothing eternal.

3.Anti-stick coating of the basins gives you the eternity assurance. This bowl doesn’t scratch, doesn’t damage or break. The price is corresponding as you might figure out.

  • Multicooker’s volume depends on your family’s size and how much you’re used to cook. Multicookers’ basins can be from 1,6 liter to 7 liters.
multicooker’s basin for a family of two persons is enough of 2,5 liters at most, 3-liter and 4-liter basin will do for the family of 2-3 persons, we offer to buy 5- liter basin and more for the big family.
  • Multicooker’s standard functions include the following programs and correspond the certain modes of device.

1. Braising. This mode is meant for the cooking of soups, trimmings, porridges and everything that needs the soaking. The braising mode can be compared perhaps to the cooking in oven at a low temperature. Food emits a wonderful odor and the dish’s components don’t intermix.
2. Buckwheat. Use this mode when you want to cook the fluffy trimming or porridge.
3. Pilaw. Multicooker perfectly cooks the pilaw due to this program, it also bakes the potato. This mode is interesting because multicooker turns on the function, which fries the ingredients five minutes before the end of the cooking.
4. Milky porridge. Everything is clear here, children will like it.
5. Steam cooking. This function is convenient to heat the dishes.
6. Soup. Cook the soups, drinks and compots due to this mode.
7. Grilling. It’s of course for the meat and fish.
8. Bakery. Besides the deserts, this mode is being set to grill the groceries before the ragout.

Additional modes aren’t necessary in the multicooker, but you’ll pay attention to them when you find out about them.

1. Function of heat maintenance. Your food will stay warm during the set time.
2. Delayed start. Multicooker will start to cook when you order it to, i.e. set the time.
3. Maximal time of the timer’s set. These are two previous functions together, which can be delayed by 2-24 hours.

  • Multicooker’s body and appearance are the important details for the women. Our kitchen helper can be plastic or metallic. Plastic models are significantly cheaper, but the process of heating is far slower. And the metallic multicooker is more expensive, but you will exploit it for a very long time. It’s quite heavy though, that’s the only disadvantage.
while paying attention to the modern design of the multicooker, don’t forget about the presence of the handlings on the multicooker.
  • Multicooker’s safety is important as well. So pay attention to the presence of rubber legs of the kitchen appliance. Check if the valve of the top is hermetic and if the sealing rubbers are of high quality. This is for top not to get open during the cooking and not to steam. Everything is for no one to get burnt.

Well, now you know how to choose the multicooker and how to cook. Now put the ingredients in the multicooker and you can walk with children in the open air.