How to choose mango – Useful Tips

How to choose mango – Useful Tips

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Exotic fruits are replacing customary groceries more and more. Now any person can buy the pineapple or avocado without any problems. All the more so they are tasty and full of vitamins.

One of the most popular tropical fruits is mango. This sweet fruit quickly suited many people’s taste. As considering any other product, you should know how to choose mango and what its useful properties are.


Native land of this tropical delicacy is India and Myanma. Besides, these fruits are valued by many countries due to its useful properties. Mango is considered one of the national products in Pakistan.

There are several species of this fruit and they are all alike. There is only small difference of taste and color. Rind depending on color can be green, red or yellow.

Mango’s useful properties

As the majority of tropical fruits, mango has a range of matters, which are useful for our organism. There are amino acids, vitamins, cellulose, potassium, magnesium in it etc.

Fruit is actively used in folk medicine of Eastland, because everybody there knows all mango’s useful properties.

brew of mango’s leaves is a great cure for diabetes patients. Besides, it is used to cure eye retina of diabetes patients

Firstly, this fruit can be considered as natural antidepressant due to thiamine. This fruit can improve your mood, strengthen the nervous system and raise the mental activity.

Secondly, «B» vitamins strengthen the vessels. Doctors recommend eating at least piece of mango to everyone who has problems with heart.

Thirdly, this fruit perfectly strengthens the immunity due to the range of useful matters.

Mango’s contra indications

If you consume one product in enormous amounts, then there will be consequences. And mango is no exception. Before you buy this fruit, you should familiarize yourself with further information.

To begin with, there are mango’s contra indications for allergy patients. This fruit has enough matters in pulp to cause the allergic reaction.

The next moment is alcohol. Thiamine, which mango consists of for 4%, can cause diarrhea along with the alcohol.
Besides, mango’s surplus in ration can be the reason of strong wring and diarrhea. Sometimes the coprostasia.
Considering all mango’s contra indications, the conclusion is simple – moderation in all things.

Mango’s caloric capacity

Lovers of healthy eating will be glad to find out that mango’s caloric capacity is only 70 kcal per 100 g of product.

Considering the fruit in details, we get per 100 g:

  1. Proteins 0.5 g
  2. Fats 0.3 g
  3. Carbohydrates 16.5 g (15 of them is sugar).

There is a lot of thiamine, niacin and pantothenic acid in mango. Besides, there are also vitamins «В6», «В9» and «С». But that’s not it. This tropical fruit contains magnesium, ferrum, phosphorus, calcium and potassium.

How to choose mango in the supermarket

Despite the variety of sorts, there are general rules how to choose mango in the supermarket. As always, look at the fruit, the rind’s color needs to be deep. There can be a few small dark dots.

fruit should be dry and resilient. Rind’s humidity shows you that the fruit is rotten inside.

Next step – take the fruit in your hands. The surface doesn’t have to be too soft or too hard. When pushing on mango, there should be small dent. If the fruit doesn’t yield, then it is not mellow. If on the contrary, then it’s rotten.

The last one is smell. You can sense a little sweet-sugar smell near the root of the fruit. This is one more factor, which speaks for fruit’s ripeness.