How to choose the curtains in bedroom

How to choose the curtains in bedroom

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Bedroom is the place of silence and comfort in the house. This is the place, where people come to rest after the hard day. So you need to take the bedroom’s design very seriously and pay attention to any detail of interior.
For example, the curtains. Speaking of bedroom, this room element has to protect you from the light (sunlight or street lamps) and curious eyes besides the esthetic function.
This article will help you figure out how to choose the curtains in bedroom and not to bump into the hidden pitfalls.

Material of curtains

First thing you need to pay attention to is material. The cloth needs to be dense, don’t forget about the main function of this interior detail (protection from light). Curtains in the bedroom can be one-layer or with the special backing. In any case, try to check the product for shining through before buying. Or you can consult with the seller. Besides, if you don’t find anything good, you can sew the curtains in the bedroom by yourself.
Don’t forget about the naturalness of the material. Synthetic can be the source of allergy reaction so buy tissue of good quality.

Construction of curtains

What we mean by the word «construction»? It is the form of curtain track and type of its fixation, form of thimbles and the type how the curtain will be fixed (hangers, loops, nets).

curtains with textile loops will be good. They will quietly slide over the track and this is the perfect option for bedroom.

Make up your mind how the curtains will place. They can be across the width of window or of the whole wall. In this case, everything depends on the square of the room and the size of window aperture. If the window is small, then you can use the Roman shades not to take away the extra space.

Color grade and style of curtains

The most individual parameter is color. Of course, there are certain rules, but it is the choice of every person to follow them or not to follow. Classically the color grade of the bedroom has to be sedative. For example, peach color or beige are quite frequently used. Don’t forget that curtains shouldn’t fade with the walls.
People often select the color according to the other textile of the room. This will make your interior more harmonic.
You can use the glaring colors if it’s appropriate. You need to preliminary imagine whether you will be able to fall asleep if there are all the colors of the rainbow in your room.

vertical separation of the curtains will help to visually expand the small window.

One more parameter of these room elements is style. Here are no limitations. Everything depends on your fantasy. You can choose some classical option or you can come up with some idea by yourself. You can find the styles of curtains in the bedroom in the Internet, where there are thousands of them to any taste.