How to brush faux fur at home

How to brush faux fur at home

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How to brush faux fur at home

Faux fur has become an amazing alternative to the natural one. Its low price, nice outer look and the opportunity to save animals’ lives make it attractive to the ladies. Its correct care is a particular aspect though. We will tell how to correctly brush faux fur in this article.

How to wash faux fur: special aspects of cleaning

Product, which is made of faux fur, fades and loses its freshness in due course. Regardless of item of clothing, shoes or decoration it is used on, it becomes dirty: it powders, takes the weather impact, the stains appear on it. Attrition, road dust and moisture lead to the fact that lint appears on the material, the product erases, clots and loses its color.
Short fur is the most simple-to use, cleaning of the coat of faux fur with long poil puts you to more troubles.
How to brush or wash faux fur depends on the fibre composition on the label.

  1. If fur is made of cotton, there is a risk of shrink, which results in the reduction of size. You can tidy insignificant contaminations up on your own by washing at moderate temperatures. If they are significant, you need to enquire with dry-cleaner.
  2. Synthetic (lavsan, cottonlavsan, polyolefin and other similar) should be washed not long in warm water, not the hot one, using mild detergent.
  3. If there are some insets of faux leather or chamois, you need to look exactly to them, they are more demanding than fur.

How to wash faux fur by soapy water

This method is the most universal one. Soapy water can wash not only the plaids of faux fur, but also the faux fur on the fur coat, coat, collar and high fur boots. It has a sparing effect of dealing with various contaminations without doing any harm.

Please note! Faux fur should not be drenched, so longstanding wash is not recommended.

  • To begin with, prepare the fur: spread the product out on smooth flat surface or hang it up on the hanger. Do it such way, which would be maximum comfortably to work with the product.
  • Dissolve the soft laundry detergent, liquid soap or shampoo in warm water of about 3 tbsp. per liter. Make a foam.
  • Clean the fur in the direction of fur by soft brush or mesh brush, preliminary moistened with previously mentioned soap solution.
  • Remove the foam and soap marks by cotton towel in the direction of fur as well.
  • Product’s drying is recommended at room temperature far from the heaters. Hang the product up on the hanger and let it dry out.
  • Fur should be in the right direction during the drying. Because if it dries, it will be extremely difficult, practically impossible to set it.
  • When the product dries down, brush it by comb with dull bristles.

How to brush faux fur by peroxide

There is one more option to brush faux fur on the fur coat, high fur boots, coat and other products – cleaning by peroxide. It also is suitable for brushing white faux fur, which is the most trouble one.

  • Dissolve 1 tbsp. of hydrogen peroxide per half liter of water.
  • Pour the achieved liquid into the airbrush and uniformly spray it on the product.
  • Let it dry out at room temperature in direct sunlight and then comb it by a comb with thin and dull bristles.

How to brush white faux fur by flour

White color is a quite demanding and exacting in care. Any strain, even insignificant one can be seen on it. To brush this product, we recommend to use the potato flour (starch) or cream of wheat.

  • Spread the clothing up on clean flat surface and pour a liberal amount of cream of wheat or starch on it.
  • Take a tissue napkin and brush the fur by light circular motions.