How to brush the carpet at home

How to brush the carpet at home

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Carpets are the frequent guest in many apartments. They complete the interior and allow to go barefoot on the accommodation even in winter.

However, this product has the second name in the folklore – «dust collector» for a reason. Cleaning has to be regular. This article will tell how to brush the carpet.

What remedy to brush the carpet with

To begin with, use the broom or vacuum cleaner. Carefully clean the carpet with it, removing small waste and other foreign materials.

What remedy to brush the carpet with? The answer depends on type of the contamination. For example, if you want to remove the old stain, then memorable «Vanish» can help you with that. Concentrate of lemon juice also fights the penetrated dirt very well, but be careful, because this remedy is meant for dark products. And the fat stains are being removed by gasoline with sawdust.

solution based on the sal-ammoniac perfectly fights the serious stains. The recipe is simple. Tablespoon of this matter along with the teaspoon of detergent per half of liter of water.

If you want to get the fresh look back, then soda will help. This method not only will provide the product with the previous appearance, but also will clean the fluff. Acetic will do that as well (1 tbsp. per 800-1000 mg of water).

How to wash the carpet with «Vanish»

Majority of serious contaminations are removed by the lemon juice, acetic or soap solution. Providing you started to clean the carpet straight away after it was smeared. Only household chemicals will help you with old contaminations. How to wash the carpet with «Vanish»? Everything is simple. Experiment on the unobservable place and watch the effect.

rub the carpet along with the fluff. Besides, the movements have to be in direction of the center of stain.

The main rule is to work only in rubber gloves. Pour a little bit of «Vanish» on the stain and wait a couple of minutes. Then start to rub but not too hard. Take away the spot remover by the wet duster.

How to wash the carpet with soda

Majority of products bear the humidity not so well. Only dry cleaning will help in this case. You will need the soda and the brush (not rough one) to do so.

You won’t need the special knowledge how to wash the carpet with soda. Pour it evenly and rub it in the fluff, but don’t overdo it not to harm the product. Leave it for 40 minutes. The last step is cleaning the carper the way that you’re used to (vacuum cleaner or duster).

How to wash the white carpet

There is more hassle with light carpets. Always do everything carefully. You need to know what was the source of stain to know for sure how to wash the white carpet.

The majority of contaminations are removed by cold water with detergent (half of teaspoon). These could be stains of blood, wine, coffee or chocolate. The ordinary dirt can be removed by acetic solution.

fat and oil are removed due to the paper towel and the iron. The stain will be left on the paper by dint of the heat.

The most important is not to use strong household chemicals. They will irreparably ruin your carpet.

How to brush the woolen carpet

Natural material also requires the special approach. First and main rule – try to avoid the use of solutions and other liquids. The best choice will be the dry cleaning. For example, how to brush the woolen carpet? Soda will help again. Treat the surface with it after 20-30 minutes.

How to get rid of the carpet’s smell

It not always enough just to get rid of the stain, because the smell can be left there. Speaking of the natural materials, you categorically cannot use the household chemicals. Soda is curiously enough the best here. Just leave it on the carpet for 1-2 hours to absorb the contaminations.

But if the material isn’t natural, how to get rid of the carpet’s smell in this case? Everything is much simpler here. Acetic solution will do that very well. You not only will clean the carpet and remove the smell, but also you will refresh the appearance.